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Factor Vs Tempo — My Thoughts On Both Meal Delivery Services

I tried meal prepping last year, but when I realized I was spending my precious chill Sundays chopping and cooking, I ditched it.

I did not want to return to my unhealthy takeout habits, so I signed up for Factor — a company that delivers balanced, pre-made meals to my doorstep weekly. It was going well enough, but then I came across Tempo, which offers something similar.

Tempo’s meals looked so delicious. I was so intrigued that I paused my Factor subscription to check out Tempo for a week.

Here’s what I discovered when I compared Tempo to Factor:

1. Convenience

  • FACTOR: Each meal arrives ready to heat using the oven or microwave. Depending on the cooking method, Factor meals can vary in terms of prep — taking anywhere from 4-11 minutes, sometimes more. This messed up my schedule a few times which I really didn’t like.
  • TEMPO: Tempo meals arrive fully-prepared. All you have to do is cook them for 3 minutes, and let them cool for one. On days that I’m in a rush — that would be most of the time — I truly appreciate the extra time Tempo saves me.

2. Perfect Portions

  • FACTOR: With Factor meals varying between 500 and 800 calories, each portion can differ. One of the purposes of signing up was to establish consistent eating habits, so this threw me off a bit. I wanted something with steady portion sizes and calorie counts.
  • TEMPO: All Tempo meals are under 600 calories, so I always know how much I’m eating. This means I can fit more additional calories into my day than I can with some Factor meals — yet Tempo is just as satisfying, if not more.

3. Nutrition

  • FACTOR: Factor’s meals are designed by dietitians to ensure they’re nutritious and high-quality. My meals were wholesome and generally satisfying.
  • TEMPO: Tempo takes it to the next level. Their meals are balanced, calorie-conscious, and protein-packed, which means they include 30g+ of protein, so I’m meeting my calorie and protein goals. In the past, this has been a tough balancing act for me, but Tempo makes it super simple.

4. Taste

  • FACTOR: While a lot of my Factor meals were tasty, a few of them were bland. I loved the Tuscan Shrimp with Creamy Kale, but the Sundried Tomato Chicken Breast was tasteless. Overall, Factor is hit-and-miss when it comes to flavor.
  • TEMPO: I’m yet to be disappointed with any of my Tempo meals. My favorite so far has been the Red Wine Braised Pork Chop or the Butter Curry Beef Bowl — sooo delicious. And the food is so fresh!

5. Value

  • FACTOR: Factor meals start at $10.99 each, which was less than my monthly takeout bill.
  • TEMPO: Tempo’s prices are pretty much the same with meals starting from $10.98 — but given the added convenience, consistent calories and protein, and mouth-watering menu, it's 100% a better value than Factor.

My Verdict

Factor is a great service that has its benefits, but Tempo is my winner.

Both helped me eat healthier instead of caving to takeout or frozen pizza. But it was impossible to meet my nutrition, calorie, and protein goals with a diet that I didn’t actually enjoy. And then there was Tempo. Tempo helped me make that lifestyle change and stick with it, once and for all.

Each week I can choose from 20 flavorsome meal options like La Poutine with Beef Gravy, Creamy Garlic Dijon Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry, and Black Bean Enchilada Skillet, so I’m never disappointed. Plus, I can see the menu up 5 weeks in advance — it’s only 3 weeks with Factor.

Not to mention that the service is totally flexible, so I can order the number of meals that best suits me, skip a week, and adjust my order at any time. I finally canceled my Factor subscription and I’m sticking with Tempo for the long haul.

If you’re looking for a stress-free, mess-free solution to improve your diet and save you time and money, sign up for Tempo.

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