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How I Feng Shui'd My Underwear Drawer

I've never been much of a cleaner, so I rarely take on the task of organizing my closet. I can't remember the last time I Feng Shui'd my underwear drawer, can you?

When I decided to give my underwear drawer a much-needed makeover, I was shocked at the shoddy and tattered remnants of my previously lovely collection. There were some pieces that I could have sworn I thought I lost, some I couldn't even remember owning, and some that I honestly don't remember buying.

But then one night my boyfriend, Eric, suggested we should have a romantic date night at home, where we go all out; dressing up and candles, the whole shebang. I pulled open my underwear drawer and had to root through it; but, everything felt old and used.

I felt like I had to do something for me, not for my boyfriend and not for anyone else, but to make me feel special and sexy. That's when I came across the Savage X Fenty. At first, I just wanted to browse a little, and get a feel for what I was looking for. But I was completely drawn in by the beauty of the line and the different colors and styles they have. I'm not going to lie, I wanted to buy every single one!

I was looking for something that was more all-rounded, something I could wear to work and on a date; something I could fill my now empty underwear drawer with. It was refreshing to see different size models and see how the bras would look on a curvy girl like me. I had a variety to choose from, I could pack my drawer with different styles and materials, maybe even try some stuff I would have never thought of before.

Savage X Fenty's new spring-inspired bras and underwear checked all of the boxes; the pastel colors and floral patterns were "that something" fresh I was looking for. I got onto my laptop and signed up for the XTRA VIP Membership. As an Xtra VIP Member, you get early access to all new drops, limited editions, and 25% off daily.

Savage X Fenty
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Like all things you buy online, I just picked up a few bras and bralettes and thought if it was great, I would come back for more. Especially with the current 2 for $29 promo on amazing bras and bralettes.

And I definitely came back! I was happily surprised by how well everything fit. The bras were exactly what they looked like online, and the quality is amazing... We all know how uncomfortable a bra that doesn't correctly fit feels, but that isn't the case with the Savage X Fenty line.

What I love most about the Savage X Fenty XTRA VIP membership is how flexible it is. Simply login to shop or 'Skip the Month' by the 5th of each month, and you won't be charged. If you don't 'Skip', your payment method will be charged $49.95 on the 6th of each month and you will receive one VIP Member Credit valued at $49.95. You can skip as many months as you want!

Your VIP Member Credit goes into your account to spend or save. It can be used on purchases of $49.95 or more and must be used in full in order to be redeemed. Your credits will never expire.

Opening my lingerie drawer now feels like a breath of fresh air. It was what I needed for my spring clean, I could easily get rid of all the old, out of style and tattered bras and underwear that has been cramped at the back of the drawer since college. Good underwear is the base for every outfit, and with Savage X Fenty, I've got all of the essentials I need, plus some super special pieces I just couldn't resist.

With new bras, undies and lingerie dropping every month, I made sure to take my time and build my collection up. The new styles also keep me fresh; I always have something new to wear on our date nights or if I'm just chilling at home. The Savage X Fenty line changed the way I look at underwear and myself, I feel so much happier and I don't dread putting on my bra anymore!

The line has given me a reason to keep my underwear drawer up to date, I definitely won't be waiting another 5 years before I do a full spring clean again!

UPDATE: Fall in Love With Your Lingerie Again, Get 2 Bras for $29 When You Become an Xtra VIP Member!

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