Personalized Skincare? Everything You Need To Know About Function of Beauty

I've been tackling my beauty goals one by one this year and it all started with my hair. Thankfully, I found my answer when a friend recommended Function of Beauty: online customized hair products.

She told me that the haircare brand creates totally unique, customized shampoo and conditioners to fit each individual's hair needs. And once I tried it I was hooked.

With my hair on-point and taken care of I knew it was time to move on to… my skin. I was dreading combing through all the products out there. BUT, Function of Beauty came to my rescue with customized skincare!. I was so surprised, I had to learn more. Here's what I found out:

FOB Skin Care has a skin quiz to determine your formulas. They want all the details, like how much makeup do you usually wear and if your face feels oily.

Customized formulas take into account your personal #skingoals, too! Looking to brighten, hydrate, minimize pores, smooth? You can choose up to 3!

You can even pick the fragrance! Choose (Dew You) which is 100% natural and get notes of cucumber and a hint of citrus or go with the Fragrance-Free option.

Kind to animals! Products are always vegan and cruelty-free, plus never include parabens, sulfates, or GMOs.

Easy subscription, so you'll never run out of skin products again. Choose a plan for every 1, 2, 3, or 4 months! Plus, you can pause, cancel, or switch up your formula at any time!

Skin Care that's tailored just for me andddd delivered right to my doorstep in a pretty bottle!? It sounded perfect. I noticed a difference after my first day using it- my skin was looking smoother, less dry, and just overall healthier. Now my glowing face matched my luscious mane! Everything was customized, down to the texture I wanted: gel, cream, serum, etc. And on top of all that the bottles had my name on it! - loved the extra personal touch.

Function of Beauty helped my skin look and feel the way I've always wanted it to. So if you're strugglin' with your beauty needs get your hair and face looking and feeling refreshed with these custom formulas!

UPDATE: Treat your skin to CUSTOMIZABLE skincare today! Follow this link to start your quiz!