Food Products That Surprisingly Never Expire

There are many food products you likely love to buy but end up frustrated with when you don't use them quickly enough. Many products start to spoil in just a couple of weeks. The good news is that there are also many foods that never spoil. Consumers often don't realize that many of these products have no expiration dates. For some of the top food product that surprisingly never expire, read below.

Non-Iodized Salt

One of the first major food products that never goes bad is non-iodized salt. Natural salt is commonly used as a preservative, so the fact that it doesn't spoil makes sense. Salt doesn't contain any water, and it also won't ever lose its flavor because it isn't plant based.

The key is to store it in the correct environment so that the flavor is unaffected. If you live in a humid environment, storing your salt in an airtight container to prevent the absorption of moisture is best. Salt with additives such as iodine and other anti-cracking agents is the kind you'll see with a sell-by date on the shelf.



Honey is another significant product that doesn't expire. After 20, 50, or even 100 years, honey will still taste the same. Raw honey doesn't go bad for several reasons. Honey has little water in it, which most microbials need to grow. It also has a low pH level.

The natural sugars in the honey also give it preserving properties. These elements make it virtually impossible for bacteria to grow in honey. Honey also naturally contains antibacterial ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide. Even crystallized honey is still safe to eat.

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee isn't always the most ideal option for coffee-lovers, but many people do enjoy using it for its practicality, especially if they're on the go. People often use instant coffee while they're camping, backpacking, or traveling. However, very few people understand it stays fresh for good. This is because instant coffee is a dried-out, concentrated form of the coffee we normally brew. The process it goes through eliminates any water, which prevents it from spoiling.

Instant coffee

Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the food products that surprisingly never expires, so if you're looking for a cooking oil you can hang onto for some time, it's perfect for you. Unrefined coconut oil is what you want.

When coconut oil is refined, it goes through a process that weakens the saturated fat's ability to stop oxidation, which makes the oil become rancid. All the saturated fats in unrefined coconut oil are untouched, preventing rapid oxidation.


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