Frey Detergent Has Made Doing Laundry Enjoyable

I hate admitting my mom is right, but during my freshman year of college, I turned into every single college cliché. I never shaved, I lived on coffee, and I did my laundry once a month. When I ran out of socks, I just wore flip-flops. In the middle of winter.

One weekend, I was free to go out, but after showering, I found that I had no clean clothes. Nada, nothing, zero - even back-of-the-closet stuff was rank, so I had to bail.

At 9pm on a Friday, I walked into the laundry dungeon with my headphones on, so I didn't notice the dude studying in the corner. Assuming I was alone, I said out loud to myself, "Wow, it smells really good in here." The guy laughed and said, "That's my detergent," and I jumped out of my skin.

He told me it'sFrey - he first bought it because someone online said it smelled like a sexy nomadic wizard lumberjack. Plus, it's only $1.

I was like, "Wait, it's a $1?" He said no, the 16oz. bottle isn't a buck, but the sample pack is, and if you really like it, you can run with their subscription.

If I could smell like a sexy nomadic wizard lumberjack, I could definitely continue not to shave. I don't wear cologne, but I've kind of always wanted to. And this was one less step, so for $1, I ordered my sample bottle. Frey might motivate me to actually do my laundry.

My sample had such sleek packaging, it looked like an Apple product. Plus, they sent me two fragrances for me to try out. I started a load with Frey and inhaled what I would smell like from now on. Nice.

When I folded my clothes and put them away, I noticed they weren't too starchy, or stretched out. The sample lasted longer than I thought it would - Frey's formula is more concentrated than regular detergents.

I've never been picky about detergent before, but yikes, I am now. The next time I hit their website, I found my hero products: there's a Wrinkle Releaser and a Nomad Freshener for refreshing slightly-dirty clothes.

If my classes are overwhelming, and I can't make it to the laundry dungeon, at least I'll still smell great while helping my clothes last longer.

Frey is really affordable, and it's free of parabens and toxins. Plus, they plant a tree for every order! Now that I actually enjoy doing my laundry, my mom's happy that I'm down one college cliché.

Update: Try Frey today for only $1!