I Let Function Of Beauty Take Over My Bathroom: Here's What Happened


& I'm Never Going Back.

When my social life suddenly dried up one weekend, I spent it alone and that meant I finally had more time to treat myself...

After attempting yoga, I put on some RiRi, took a long bath, and finally used the bath bomb that had been under my sink for a year. I really took the time to observe my body and I noticed something: my hair and skin looked rough.

All those spur-of-the-moment hair dye boxes and fast food dinners and had taken a toll. My hair was looong with split ends and my skin was so dry.

I have a friend who works with estheticians, and I asked her for any honest recs for a beauty reset. She said yes, I was in need of a trim and I should be drinking way more water, but her haircare brand, Function of Beauty, had just come out with a body wash and lotion, so I should just upgrade my products.

I wasn't impressed, but she told me all their products are natural, sustainable, cruelty-free, and best of all, customized for you.

The packaging looked beautiful, and they had everything I needed to repair my hair and dry skin.

I decided to sign up and document my process to see if their stuff actually worked. Here's how my first month went:

Week One

The Quiz: Function of Beauty starts with a quiz. Originally a haircare brand, they start by asking for information on your hair type and your top 5 hair goals, so they can customize. For example, I wanted to cut down on frizz, so my shampoo and conditioner contained tamarind extract + argan oil.

The Basics: For scent, I chose the limited edition "strike a (r)ose" fragrance in strong, and for color, I went with a pink shade for one and purple shade for the other.

The Rest: I also got body lotion and the body wash, both formulated for dry skin, both in green with the scent "(pear) fection."

When everything arrived, the colors were gorgeous in person. The swirling of the product was mesmerizing and everything smelled amazing. They at least looked high quality! I was excited to see if they would really help.

Week Two

I figured I'd forget to use some of my products some days, but everything smelled so good, I was really looking forward to my self-care routine!

The S & C: So, because I chose the strong scent for my shampoo and conditioner, every time I shower, I get to smell the rosiness in my hair for hours! That's a really nice touch. There are no sulfates so it doesn't lather as much, but I don't miss it.

The Body Wash: Pear and rose go together surprisingly well, but next time I might stick to all one scent. The formula itself feels really moisturizing; very thick and creamy.

The Lotion: Oh, this lives with me now. I put some in a travel bottle, but FOB sells smaller bottles, too! It is so replenishing and from using hand sanitizer all the time, it really, really helps.

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Week Three

I was video chatting with my friend in a different state, and she was surprised my hair wasn't a funky color. Since my hair is looking healthier, it gave me the idea that maybe I could dye it lighter soon, and not turn it into a pile of straw.

Oh!- my Function of Beauty package also came with stickers, so I spent a night putting them on all the bottles.

Week Four

Ok, my hair definitely looks healthier and I swear when I pinch the skin on my hands, it bounces back faster (sign of hydration!).

This guy I was talking to on a dating app asked to FaceTime me the other day, and I was super nervous - what if we had no chemistry? Or literally, anything to talk about?

I did a fun blowout just to calm my nerves, but we ended up having a weirdly huge amount of things in common, like breaking the same 2 bones - so weird!! We're making plans to meet up sometime in the future.

After four weeks of taking care of myself with Function of Beauty products, I can't imagine using anything else. If my hair changes (if I do dye it blonde...), I can easily change my formula for special purple shampoo or change my hair goals, to keep it healthy.

I don't know if it's the wash or the lotion that helped my skin more, but either way, they both feel really nice, and I like the customization.

I really like all the products and their scents, and it's so convenient getting everything shipped to my door every 3 months (you can also choose every month, every six months, or a one-time purchase).

Since the packaging is so cute, I'm probably going to gift something to my best friend for her birthday! I'm dying to do that hair mask, too. . ūüėā

Function of Beauty is offering our readers a special offer - get $20 off your first body+hair order of $60 or more. Follow this link and start the customization quiz!