There Are So Many Protein Powders Out There, How Do You Know Which One To Take?

I'm a firm believer that a healthy balanced and nutritious diet should give your body everything it needs, no matter how heavy you lift or the miles you run. I've been working out for years and never fell for the supplement craze.

So when my progression in my workouts started to plateaux the last few months I tried everything-- switched up my diet, my weights, and even my routine. But nothing worked and I was starting to get frustrated.

An old friend of mine is now a qualified PT so I dropped them a line to see if they had any advice for me. After a quick discussion, they agreed with my dislike of taking supplements and said our diet is fundamental when it comes to any fitness goal. "The only supplement I recommend is protein, it's key to hitting those goals", they advised me.

But there are so many protein powders out there, how would I know which one to take. Within seconds my friend sent me a link to Gainful, personalized protein powder, "try this, it will help you get back on track".

Gainful creates a protein blend that's tailored to your fitness goals and body type. I was super curious about what they would create for me so I took their 2-minute quiz, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't impressed.

For such a quick quiz they ask the exact questions to get every inch of information they need. The first few questions are your basic, gender, age, height, weight, then they move into your diet; eating patterns, and if you have a specific diet (keto, paleo) or any dietary requirements. Next, they ask about your nutritional goals for your protein, if you want to lose weight, gain muscle, recovery, supplement your diet, and so on, along with your performance goals and other health goals such as boosting your immune system, bone health, sleep, brain, and gut health. And finally what type of training you do and how often you workout.

Gainful then calculates the correct ratios and type of ingredients necessary to reach my goals. All the ingredients and why each one was added, the nutritional information, amino acid profile, and instructions for use.

Gainful's Protein base is unflavored, and they allow you to choose up to 4 flavor add-ins, so you'll never get bored of the same flavor every day. They have delicious blends like Strawberry Cream, Madagascar Vanilla, Rich Chocolate, Caffè Mocha, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Matcha Green Tea. I had to try it and see if personalized clean ingredient protein was my key to success.

A few days later, my Gainful protein arrived. The bag was much bigger than I expected which was great. It had 14 servings with 22g of protein/serving and only $1.50 per serving. I followed the instructions and added one scoop to some oat milk in my shaker. After my workout, I couldn't wait to try it, I prepared myself for that chalk powder taste but it actually tasted so good. The vanilla flavor wasn't too strong which was perfect and exactly why I opted for it. It dissolved and mixed into the oat milk really well and it was easy to drink.

My Gainful protein powder seamlessly slotted into my routine and as I was about halfway through my first bag I realized I was ready to move to heavier weights, put in longer sessions, and was way less sore especially after leg day. Plus, I noticed that I needed less recovery time between really heavy sessions.

I am smashing long-term goals and my progression is certainly back on track. The best part is how strong and fit I feel in myself, my confidence training has never been this high and I feel ready for even more challenges.

And it's not just protein they offer, I added their Hydration mix to my next order, which is also customized to my specific needs. The electrolyte levels in my hydration formula are optimized for my perspiration and just the right amount of sugar to activate my sodium-glucose cotransport, hydrating me more effectively than plain water.

The unlimited access to a registered dietitian is also an amazing addition. Any questions you have the Gainful dietitian responds so quickly with expert information.

The best decision I ever made for myself was taking the Gainful quiz and starting my journey with my personalized protein powder.

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