Gillette On Demand: The Modern Solution to Shaving

It's easy to get lost in an increasingly connected world these days. From social media to online gaming, some men will go far too long without proper grooming. As technology advances, it seems there are more opportunities for people to see your face (whether or not you shaved this morning), but overthinking how to achieve a cleaned up look is not what you want to be doing with your free time. You may have heard of online shave clubs before, but did you know that Gillette offers their very own online razor delivery service that makes getting quality razors even easier?

Gillette On Demand offers a solution to the problem of shaving in a digital age. Rather than having to drive to the store and take more time out of your already busy schedule, Gillette On Demand now delivers directly to you. That means you can pick your favorite razor and have replacement blades show up on your schedule. When you're in your boxers in the middle of a gaming marathon and your friends want you to come out for a few drinks, you'll have everything you need to look sharp and be ready for anything.

Gillette On Demand's offering is simple. They provide three different razor options to choose from: the Sensor3 Disposable, the MACH3 Turbo, or the Fusion ProShield. Depending on whether you like things plain and simple or precise and long-lasting, you'll find the perfect option to fit your needs. After deciding which razor works best, you select a plan that works with your shave schedule. If you don't want to have to think about when to order more refills, you can choose the subscription option and your razors will arrive on whatever schedule you choose. With the subscription option, Gillette is offering every fourth order free as long as you remain on the same plan, and you can cancel anytime you need. If you aren't sure when you'll need a refill, or maybe you don't shave often, then you may prefer the one-time order option where you can reorder as needed via text, email, or online. No need to interrupt that gaming session when you can just text Gillette, 252-337 (BLADES), and more will be on their way!

Other shave clubs might sacrifice quality for convenience, but Gillette On Demand is the best of both worlds. With razors that don't skimp on precision, you'll see the benefits of their pivoting heads, cutting edge blades, and comfortable moisturizing strips that soothe the skin. It's a quality razor that you don't have to think twice about. Whether you like to be clean-shaven, or you just need to touch up around the edges, Gillette's razors get the job done.

Living in a constantly plugged-in world means that life feels busier than ever. Gillette On Demand still provides a perfect balance for the modern man, the quality of a timeless razor with the convenience you need. Gillette On Demand is bringing the razor market into the new world, and we couldn't be more excited.

Update: The folks at Gillette are extending a promotion to first-time users. Follow this link to get $3 off your first order and get every fourth order free when you choose the subscription option and remain on the same plan!

*Valid for first-time customers for first order only. Offer terms subject to change.

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