I Put Good American Jeans To The Test -- Here’s My Verdict.

For someone that loves her jeans as much as I do, shopping for them has to be up there with one of my least favorite things to do.

First of all, trying to find my size is always a nightmare--in some brands, I fall under the "standard sizing", in others, I am considered "plus size"--it's so hard to keep up with society. I hate being categorized as anything, I just want to find jeans that look great and make me feel amazing.

Every time I find a pair of jeans, something's wrong with them. I've resigned myself to the fact that some jeans just have a gap in the waistband or need some kind of altering, so I always end up compromising on something and calling it a day.

Even though the fit struggle is real, when I find a decent pair of skinny jeans-- I live in them. Despite what TikTok has been saying recently, skinny jeans are not over! A pair of skinnies can take you from day to night and do wonders for your butt, and that's my style aesthetic in a nutshell. So I've been on the hunt for my next pair, and like always, have hit a wall.

My friend Milly told me I had to check out Good American, but no way would I be buying jeans online; how would I know how they fit? But Milly told me that she lives in their Always Fits collection and that they had made her butt look better than any other pair she's ever tried(she knows what my priorities are when it comes to jeans!).

I checked out their site and saw that Good American makes jeans for real women with sizes ranging from 00 to plus size 34. At first glance, the Always Fits collection was unlike anything I had seen in denim before.

Coming in every style you can think of, from my beloved skinny to boot leg, the Always Fits collection's sizing is what sets them apart-- one-size-fits-four design that adapts to your body's changes, ensuring that they always fit well, no matter what your size. They even have multiple inseam length options, which assured me that Good American really takes their sizing seriously.

I think every girl knows that feeling when you have to reach for your "time of the month jeans"-- the worst! The reality is that our bodies are constantly changing size for a variety of reasons, so knowing that I would have a pair that would fit me even on my worst days was enough to convince me to try them! Oh, and Good American is offering $50 off your first pair!

I went for the Always Fits Good Legs Skinny in a medium blue wash, which are made from recycled materials and dyed using Eco-kind washes which reduce energy footprint-- how cool!

When my jeans arrived the next week, I nervously tried them on. Immediately the tummy-smoothing waistband drew in my waist without being restrictive, and there was no weird gaping that happens to me with other brands.

The material felt firm yet stretchy and hugged my body in all the right places. I was unsure how the sizing would work, but they fit amazingly! They're a slightly higher waist than I'm used to, but this fit is so flattering and my butt hasn't looked this good in a pair of jeans for so long!

Even after a couple of washes, these jeans still fit me as good as the first day thanks to their recovery fabric, which helps them retain their shape and wash for longer.

I'm always reluctant to try a new pair of jeans, but I wish I had taken Milly's advice earlier! Good American jeans are designed to make you feel good and love the body you're in, and I can honestly say these jeans have made me feel amazing.

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