Good American, Abercrombie & Fitch, and American Eagle: Who Wins?

Pants work hard, but denim works harder. Call us crazy, but we might go so far as to say that jeans are a girl's best friend.

Denim is reliable, structured, and gives us way more support than diamonds ever did. They let us show off, take us on dates, and even hold our credit cards and anything else we can shove in those pockets.

The only problem with jeans is that there are just too many options: the brands, the fits, the inseams, the prices...we could go on. But, we won't. To make it as simple as possible, we've put three popular denim brands up against each other to see who comes out on top.

Tried and true, American Eagle; newly graduated, Abercrombie & Fitch; and finally, Good American - new to the block, but making huge waves for their inclusive sizing, premium materials, and flattering fits.

Taking into account price, quality, and overall fit, here's what we found out about each brand:

Key Similarities:

  • All have unique styles and fits
  • All have wide range of sizes
  • All have free return policies

Key Differences:

  • Good American was founded on inclusive size ranges
  • American Eagle has the lowest prices, Abercrombie & Fitch middle, and Good American highest
  • Good American & American Eagle have sustainability initiatives
  • To find your sizing in Abercrombie, you need to select your waist and length size separately
  • Good American has unique stomach smoothing tech and butt-enhancing features

Good American

Since Good American was built on inclusion, it only makes sense that every product they sell comes in a full size range. Their denim is notorious for making women feel sexy and confident - and the butts speak for themselves! Endless lift, support, and a little extra boost.

Their Always Fits line works as an innovative one-size-fits-four, and adapts to your body's changes throughout the years (or days), so you can get more and more wear out of your denim.

Their best-selling and most popular denim line, Good Legs, includes denim sizes from 00 to 32 Plus, and features several types of washes and styles.

Using innovative tech in their denim materials, Good American will never leave you with a gap. Their jeans include gap-proof waistbands to create a flattering look for any and all bodies. It embraces your curves in all the right places while tightening and tucking in the rest. Their Always Fits line works as a one-size-fits-four, and adapts to your body's changes throughout the years, so you can get more and more wear out of your denim.

Their jeans also feature reinforced belt loops so you don't have to worry about ripping one off as you put your jeans on, and you won't ever have to pull them up since they include tech to prevent slippage when you sit.

Not only do their jeans feature tech meant to flatter and support, but all of Good American's jeans are made with recovery fabric, so you get more wear between washes and they preserve their original shape.

Good American's prices range anywhere from $99 to $179, with the average hanging around $120.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie has long been on the jean scene as a graduated, elevated denim choice for those looking for an upgrade.

They offer a selection of styles ranging from High Rise, Curve Love, Straight, Skinny, Bootcut, Flare, and Boyfriend. When picking your size in Abercrombie, they offer a Size & Fit Guide as well as two options: first, you can select your waist size with options from 23W - 37W, and you also have the choice for length: extra short, short, regular, or long.

While their sizing method is inclusive for waist and length to make sure you're getting the right fit, it can leave you high and dry if your waist size is there, but not the length, and vice-versa.

Abercrombie & Fitch jeans typically run from $59 to $99.

American Eagle

American Eagle is often known as the entry-level jean. They offer a huge range of styles and rises for everyone like the Mom Jean, Skinny Jeans, Tomgirl, and the Curvy Jean made for curves.

Some of their best sellers currently include their Jeggings, 90's Jeans, and Skinny Jeans. Their line of Real Good Jeans are made with the planet in mind and aimed to promote sustainability. While there's not much else to make this brand standout in the crowd for denim, there's certainly a pair in everyone's closet at some point.

American Eagle Jeans are often on sale and priced between $39 to $69.


For the quality and overall inclusiveness, Good American is the clear winner. While they're pricier than the other options, the quality of their denim and creative tech lets us wear them time and time again without any wear and tear. Plus, we love how they go above and beyond to celebrate every curve and every body - since day one!

Abercrombie has trendy styles and washes, but we can't get behind the sizing issues and constant bagging out with wears. The prices at American Eagle were low enough that we were tempted to buy, but we wanted better quality and an upgrade from the basics.

While American Eagle and Abercrombie have a myriad of styles meant for you to fit into, Good American knows that the jean is meant to fit you. Their tech is incredible and works day in and day out to keep its shape, style, and crazy flattering fit. The inclusive fit paired with the unbelievable confidence it inspires have us coming back to Good American for every kind of jean, every time.

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