How Green Chef Helped Me Get My Eating Habits Back On Track

BBQs, picnics, long lazy days at the beach--how could you not love summer? Once that heat hits, all the mundane normalities of indoor life get thrown out the window. And anything goes!

Normally, I love my adventure-filled spontaneous summer days, but after this year, I was feeling a bit blah. And I couldn't tell why.

It wasn't until I went home for a long-overdue visit, and my mom fed me all these super healthy, homemade meals when the blah feeling disappeared. My diet was the problem.

Snacking all day on cheese puffs and chips, eating out at fast-food joints, and chowing down on take-out once the sunset happened way too much. Now that summer's over my unhealthy, and erratic eating must stop.

Fall Goal: Eating Healthier = Feeling Healthier. Okay, so where do I start? I didn't inherit my mom's culinary skills. The last time she tried to teach me, it didn't end too well--spaghetti sauce all over the stovetop and the wall! But I had my suspicions that home-cooked meals were the way to go.

When I searched for beginning recipes, they either had way too many complicated steps or looked like nothing I'd eat. Until I stumbled upon a Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl with cauliflower, tomatoes, artichokes, feta cheese & pistachios. Bingo! This was exactly what I needed--healthy, yet delicious, meals.

It was a recipe from Green Chef--a wholesome meal delivery kit service that specializes in living green and eating green. I never saw myself as a meal kit gal, but as I quickly clicked about their site, I realized this may just be what I need for my healthy Fall lifestyle.

Green Chef offers four plans: Paleo, Keto, Plant-Powered, and Balanced-Living. I wasn't ready for Paleo or Keto just yet. Their Balanced-Living plan that features a diverse, flexible menu with plenty of choices such as meat, seafood, and vegetarian dinners was right up my street, though.

Here's what compelled me to order my first Green Chef box: their meals look delicious and precisely what I want to feed my body.

Ingredients come pre-portioned in the exact quantities you need. This cuts down on prep and cooking time, and there's zero waste. You simply select your recipes from their weekly menu. Each meal has a colorful recipe card that sure beats scrolling through a recipe and smearing your phone screen with melted butter! Each step is explained clearly with pictures. It doesn't get simpler than that.

When I noticed that the plans were flexible, being able to pause deliveries or cancel any time, I signed right up. I also found a really nice discount (linked at the bottom!). In a few days, my first Green Chefbox was at my door--so no trip to the grocery store for me.

I won't lie, seeing all the ingredients made me a little nervous. I mean, what if I messed it up!?! But who cares? I'm the only one eating it. If it was terrible, I'd never have to speak of it again.

But it was amazing, and I couldn't believe I cooked Honey-Citrus Glazed Salmon with Roasted Broccoli & Jerk-Spiced Carrot Fries and Almonds. When I sent a picture to my mom, she was so proud. "Who taught you how to do that?" She said in awe.

" Green Chef," I replied.

I feel so much healthier from eating balanced meals made with whole foods. Green Chef is a certified USDA organic company. They work directly with local farmers to deliver garden-fresh produce.

And Green Chef doesn't stop there; they stay true to their name and to the environment in so many ways. They have a lower carbon footprint than if I shop at traditional grocery stores. Plus, Green Chef offsets 100% of its direct carbon emissions, and plastic packaging for every box and all packaging is recyclable. It's easy to see why they're the #1 sustainable meal kit.

After a month with Green Chef, I'm still loving it! My goal was to eat healthier and--thanks to Green Chef--I not only achieved that one, I learned how to cook like a pro while helping our planet.

Update: Our friends at Green Chef are extending a limited time offer to our readers! Follow this link to get $80 off + FREE shipping!