Green Chef Gains: How I Stuck To Keto With This Meal Kit

I started eating keto because I've been trying to buff up a little (my body is naturally lanky, when I was little the other boys at school called me string bean) and the gym friends I lift with suggested the ketogenic diet to build lean muscle.

A few months later, I've definitely seen a difference physically, but the real reason I stick to it is the boosted energy, motivation, and mental clarity. It's like walking around as the best version of myself, and once I started doing some research into how it works, it makes sense that the keto diet gives such great results.

When you reduce your daily intake of carbs to 5%, you burn up all your stored glucose and your liver starts making ketone bodies out of your body's own fat.

That leads to accelerated weight loss. And because ketones are a more consistent source of energy than glucose, you experience improved mood, energy levels, and increased focus.

Ketones also decrease the amount of ghrelin in your body, the hormone responsible for hunger. So eating keto literally lowers your appetite!

The only hard part is meal prep: I basically eat grilled chicken every day...and sometimes a whole avocado. And, honestly, I was starting to lose interest and was considering going back to my old pasta-binging lifestyle. So I did some internet research and found a meal kit that changed my cooking game for good: Green Chef.

Green Chef is a meal kit subscription service that delivers everything you need to make a week's worth of delicious meals. There's no measuring because everything comes pre-portioned, and the directions are easy to follow. But unlike other meal kits, Green Chef caters to particular diets. They do keto, paleo, omnivore, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and gluten-free plans.

Before Green Chef I was living the keto lifestyle, but I was making such limited culinary choices that I ended up resenting my meals and depriving myself of vital nutrients. It feels too good to be on keto, though, and there are too many health benefits to just give up. Now, thanks to Green Chef, I can eat keto and never get bored.

My mouth was watering as I read my menu options: chicken with alfredo sauce, steaks with blue cheese dressing, cumin-roasted pork chops...and they even help manage my cravings for carbs with just enough veggies to keep me full and in ketosis.

At first, I was hesitant to sign up, but when I saw that there was no commitment, I could skip meals free of charge on weeks I was out of town, and that cancelation was easy, I decided there was nothing to lose.

My first meal was chicken with caper sauce, with sides of roasted broccoli with parmesan cheese and olives. It was totally delicious and way more flavorful than what I normally cook. It took 35 minutes to prepare, and it was only 400 calories per serving, so I knew I wasn't overindulging.

Plus, the meals are big enough that I can bring half to work for lunch the next day. At the end of the first week of bringing in Green Chef lunches my coworker John saw me eating diced steak with tahini sauce. He asked me if I had given up on keto, because my food looked so much better than my usual lunch of grilled chicken with a side of air.

I let him try some and he was floored. The next week, I saw John eating something that looked and smelled way better than his usual sandwich. He looked at me and just said, "Green Chef."

Since sticking to the Keto lifestyle, my skin cleared up; I don't have a sugar crash in the afternoon, I easily build lean muscle so I'm no longer the string bean I used to be.

Going keto has been the best thing I've ever done for myself, and Green Chef has helped make sticking to it easy and delicious!

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