The Best Haircare Product For Traveling That You Need To Know

When it comes to vacations, I get a bit nervous from the flight to accommodations and the worst part: trying to pack everything I need. I've been known to go over the carry-on weight limit, mostly because of hair products.

I'm so attached to my haircare routine but it is a bit complicated, to say the least. Between masks, shampoo, conditioner, and all the post-wash styling my suitcase is definitely packed tight. That's why I'm looking for new products that can streamline my travels and look good without the stress of a full-fledged routine.

Hotel shampoos and conditioners just don't do the trick - especially if I'm going somewhere with a pool, my hair needs to be well taken care of. Thankfully, my best friend Sophie has introduced me to Hairstory's New Wash.

New Wash ensures that I never have to resort to tiny synthetic shampoos and conditioners ever again. It cleans my scalp with powerful ingredients like Peppermint Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Jojoba Seed Oil to name a few. But it also conditions without any harmful ingredients which is great considering all of the damage I've done over years of using store-bought shampoo.

No more stripping my scalp and damaging my hair! New Wash is completely sulfate-free. Thank god since a stripped scalp means an oily scalp, eventually sending you right back to the shower. Wash, grease, repeat—no thank you.

I also love the fact that New Wash also moisturizes my hair so I don't have to worry about conditioner (yay, one less thing to pack). Not only that but with New Wash, my hair feels as shiny and healthy as it did when I was a kid. I never thought I could get my hair back to such a healthy place with one product!

Plus, New Wash works for every type of hair. While Sophie has thick, curly hair—mine is very fine and straight. Regardless, New Wash has got our backs.

Besides the fact that one bottle of New Wash works the magic of both shampoo and conditioner, Hairstory gives me the option of stocking up and saving more in the process. After trying out the product for about a month, I decided to join Hairstory's Refill Club which gave me 8 weeks of New Wash in one convenient package and a refillable shower container. Depending on your hair needs you can also restock every 6 or 10 weeks.

The cherry on top had to be the free refillable travel container they provided which is only available to exclusive members of the Refill Club. It's never been so easy for me to take my hair care on the road.

Not only is my new love of Hairstory taking a load off my shoulders but it's also good for the environment. On average people throw away 16 plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner each year, which I didn't even realize I was doing too. I'm so glad my hair care is moving in an eco-friendly direction with Hairstory and thanks to the refillable travel container, my vacation is a bit more sustainable too.

I can't believe that I was choosing between harmful hotel shampoos and conditioners or stuffing my suitcase with every hair product I use for so long. New Wash is not only the most cost-effective way to take care of your scalp, it's also the safest and most convenient.

Do yourself a favor and make the switch to New Wash - perfect for at home or the beach, Hairstorytravels with you!

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