Why Everyone Needs To Use Hairstory - Especially In The Summer

Summer is my favorite season, but it’s never been my hair’s favorite! Turns out I’ve been washing my hair with detergents for years which was leaving it susceptible to damage, particularly during summer.

The shampoo and conditioner I buy in my local drug store contain toxins like sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, polyethylene glycols, and formaldehyde. Add in the sun, the sea, chlorine - and stir. It's no wonder my hair was left destroyed every summer.

This year I knew I had to focus on protecting my hair as much as I do my skin. So I decided to check out Hairstory’s New Wash — a detergent free shampoo & conditioner alternative that people have been raving about recently.

When I heard about Hairstory I was doubtful it would make the difference that people were claiming it did. But the only way to find out was to put it to the test.

⭐The Verdict: I’ve been using New Wash for 2 months now and it’s made a huge difference. I’m out there actually enjoying my summer!

Here are 7 of my summer plans & how Hairstory saved me…

The Beach: I love swimming in the ocean, but I’ve avoided it lately because my bleached, dried out hair can’t take the salty water. Since using New Wash, I’m finally living out my inner-child's mermaid dreams and swimming freely in the sea without worrying! My hair is so healthy, even after dousing it in sea water for hours, it still shines.

Mid-year Company Event: The great thing about Hairstory is that once your hair has adapted to it, you don’t have to wash your hair as much. The detergents in drugstore shampoos over-clean your hair, stripping its natural protective oils. Our bodies are so smart they then overproduce oils in response which leaves you with greasy hair.

Nowadays my hair stays clean through a long work day and happy hour cocktails! Actually, one washing can last up to 5 days. By not stripping your hair, it breaks the cycle of wash, grease, repeat.

Hiking: I love hiking on a breezy summer day, but my hair and scalp used to suffer from the beaming sun. Now they’re no longer irritated due to Hairstory’s beneficial, natural ingredients — like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Jojoba seed oil, Evening Primrose oil, Sunflower seed oil, Rose oil, and Keratin.

Bienvenidos A Miami: One thing that never agreed with my hair was humidity. Whenever I traveled to humid climates, my hair would totally frizz out. Not anymore. Even on vacation in MIAMI my hair stayed smooth and silky thanks to Hairstory!

A Wedding: If I ever had to attend an all-day event such as a wedding, I always opted for an up-do. But I had a wedding to go to last week and wore my hair down — I got so many compliments. My friend even asked if I was wearing extensions! Hairstory has made my hair grow faster and look a lot less ratty at the ends.

Road-tripping: When I’m on a break from my “personal admin” duties, I never have to stress about forgetting to order New Wash because I subscribe to Hairstory’s Refill Club. I choose the frequency of my Hairstorydeliveries and never have to lift a finger, so I’ll never run out! Plus, I save 15% and get a free refillable aluminum dispenser with a pump, a travel jar, and free shipping.

Europe Trip: I used to use a bunch of expensive products to make my hair look good. Shampoo & conditioner, hair masks, heat protectants, serums, you name it — not ideal when you’re traveling. Now I only need to pack one product — New Wash. I used to kick back by the pool sipping cocktails on a sun lounger, avoiding the chlorine. What a waste. But no more. Now I cool off in the pool whenever without lathering on a hair mask at the end of a long summer day.

Hairstoryhas truly transformed my hair. I will say there’s an initial two week adjustment period, but it’s so worth it. And due to its non-toxic ingredients and refillable non-plastic container, it’s great for the environment too.

New Wash is suitable for all hair types and comes in 3 formulations: Rich, Original, and Deep. Hairstory has a comprehensive 23-step quiz to help you choose the one that best fits your hair. Check out Hairstory today, you wont regret it!

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