Art Talk: Our Editors Weigh In On Their Visit To Hall des Lumières

Today our editors will be reviewing “Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion,” the inaugural immersive experience at the permanent digital art center Hall des Lumières. Keep reading to learn about the exhibit, our first impressions, and the final verdict…

The Exhibit

Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion is the inaugural immersive exhibition at NY's largest permanent digital art center, Hall des Lumières.

Located in a beautifully restored Beaux-Arts building in Lower Manhattan, this immersive exhibition transports you inside Klimt’s gloriously saturated world. Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion is a multi-sensory celebration through 6 sequences of his iconic work, including the beloved The Kiss, Adele, and others.

Along with the Gustav Klimt exhibition, ticket holders will experience other complimentary digital installations, showcasing artists like Fredensreich Hundertwasser, Nohlab, and François Vautier for a total of one hour.

First Impressions

As Art & Culture editors, we make it our business to be in the know about hot new artists, cool gallery openings, and out-of-this-world exhibits. So, we were ecstatic when we learned about this new cultural destination.

We were awestruck once we set foot inside Hall des Lumières. The digital art center lies within the historic Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank – one of the first skyscrapers in Manhattan.

Unlike many of the temporary pop-ups we've seen all over NYC, the exhibitions at Hall des Lumières are astounding. Each projected image is mapped precisely to the specifications of the building. So, Klimt's exquisite works are overlaid on columns, ceilings, skylights, and the original marble floors. Beyond this, the soundtrack is matched perfectly to the art, making it a total sensory experience.

Bonus: The building itself is super accessible, and there were more than enough seats - or beanbags, to go around (we can’t be the only ones who enjoy a good rest after truly immersing ourselves in so much art.)

After taking our rest, it hit us how unique this one-of-a-kind experience was. By taking different paths through the venue and viewing a number of works at different times, our experiences were each one-of-a-kind.

Our Verdict

From the swirling visuals on the floor to the serene music, our spirits were pleasantly lifted as soon as we started our journey through – and within – the exhibit. This is definitely not a pop-up.

Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion is unlike anything our editors expected, and it’s much more. It’s the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City and get back to your true self.

A ticket to Hall des Lumières grants you a front-row seat to the glittering world of Gustav Klimt, and a line-up of other brilliant artists. Ticket prices start at less than $30, so you won't have to break the bank to fill your day with vivid and revivifying art.

Believe us when we say you want to see this exhibit, so get your tickets today!

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