A Handy-Dandy Checklist For Your Home Cleaner Search

Once the summer is over, and the holiday season is done, once spring gets here I won't be as busy…..but that's all lies!! Just as I tick off one task, two more pop up.

I've accepted that life just gets busier and busier, which is great and kinda exciting. But I need to make a few changes: get up earlier, plan my day better, and - most of all - find some new services to keep me on track and my stress levels somewhat normal.

My biggest challenge is staying on top of the house cleaning. The basics are fine, dishes, trash, making my bed, but when I get to the end of each week the vacuum and mop has not moved one inch. And I can't remember the last time I dusted my shelves.

It's clear, I need a cleaning service once a week - at least! - to keep in check all the stuff I hate doing and conveniently forget. But where do I find a service I can depend on and can be sure will do an exceptional job?

I was whining to my sister about how I must find a cleaning service to bail me out, when she mentioned she's been looking into Handy and wondering if she should try it. Handy is a super convenient app you can use to book professional cleaners local to your area.

We both have a very similar list of requirements for our prospective cleaning service. Let's see if Handy passes my Cleaner Checklist test?

#1 Training and Experience ✅

Handy has been connecting people to house cleaners since 2012 to clean millions of homes.

#2 References ✅

The Handy app has reviews and testimonials from real customers and ratings for specific Pros. You can read and request a Pro who will suit your needs perfectly. Each Handy Cleaning Pro is vetted and must complete a background check.

#3 Availability ✅

Booking availability, 7 days a week from 7 am to 11 pm scheduling is incredibly flexible. Book on the app or online in minutes, sometimes even for cleaning the very next day when available! And you can cancel or reschedule through the app.

#4 Customizable Plans ✅

You can book monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly cleaning plans depending on what best suits your home. Choose from so many cleaning options: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living area, deep cleaning, and more.

Handy clearly specifies what each option includes so you know exactly what tasks will be completed. You can then add extras to your bookings anytime, like laundry, inside the cabinets, inside the refrigerator. You can also leave instructions for your Pro in the app, so it's completely personalized to your home's needs.

#5 Pricing ✅

My favorite part about Handy? Upfront affordable prices. Once you enter your zip code and the number of bedrooms and baths you'll find out exactly how much your cleaning appointment will cost before confirming a booking.

And the best-best- best part is Handy's sensational offer- $19 for a first time 3-hour cleaning when you sign up for a plan.

How could I pass on such a great offer for a service that will make me happy?

I'm going to be signing up for a bi-weekly Handy cleaning plan. I'm so excited to see the results and relieved that I no longer have to waste my precious Friday night's cleaning.

The Handy Safety Standard ensures the health and safety of the Professionals and customers who use the platform are always prioritized. All Pros are required to wear face coverings during bookings and must complete daily in-app checkups to confirm that they're in good health before claiming a booking. Handy also shares the CDC's health and safety guidelines with customers and Professionals and provides guidance on the use of EPA-approved cleaning products.