Why Your Apartment Could Use Some Self-Care

The day my office reopened was one of, if not the best days this year. Leaving that work-from-home life behind was actually a relief. Not something I'd ever have said before lockdown!

Now that normal life, or somewhat more normal life, has resumed it was time to get back to my regular routines. First things first, ME! I had to get my hair, nails, and beauty treatments in order so I can feel like myself again. I desperately needed some serious self-care.

Once that was done I realized my apartment needed some self-care, too. I'd been hibernating in it for so long that it needed a good clean and a total refresh. For weeks, I told myself that I was going to clean out the closets and cupboards, and the moldy fridge but never got around to it.

I was so busy working from home and sticking to my 20 minute home workout that all I wanted to do afterward was watch Tiger King and Ozark. Not put on rubber gloves and put up with the stink of cleaning products.

So, none of it got done and my apartment is messier than it's ever been. I need my apartment to go back to the way it was before quarantine. And I am not the person to do it, as cleaning has become so important right now and I need to know that it is done right! Plus now that I can go outside again I don't want to spend my weekend at home cleaning.

I've never used a cleaning service before but I sure need one now. My friend Emily uses them so I asked her to make a recommendation and straight away she suggested Handy.

I'd never heard of them so I looked them up and found out that Handy connects you to local cleaning professionals that make cleaning your home a breeze. Their website and app were really user-friendly, so I chose home cleaning and what I wanted to be cleaned. The professionals will cover all the basics and you can add extras like cleaning your fridge to cupboards, and even your laundry.

I selected a deep clean on all my rooms, adding "extras" like my fridge and cupboards. You can choose the day and time that suits you. And if something comes up, you can change and reschedule on their flexible app. Like if you aren't going to be home while the cleaner is there you can track the cleaning process on the app so you know when the work is complete.

And no need to worry, Handy does background checks on all the cleaning pros booked through their platform to make sure they're experienced and reliable.

Handylooked perfect - booking is so easy and quick. If I want anything specific done I can leave guidelines for the cleaner. I was worried that I might not be pleased with the service, but their Handy Happiness Guarantee takes care of that. If I'm not satisfied with a service Handy will make it right. Their customer service lines are open 24/7.

I was worried about someone coming to my home but once I read the Handy Safety Standard I felt so much more comfortable. This includes a number of efforts to help foster a safe environment to better serve Handy customers and the cleaning professionals who use the platform. Not only have they supplied face coverings to all professionals to wear during bookings, but they also require a daily in-app check-up for pros to verify they are symptom-free before they can claim bookings. They also provide guidance on using EPA-approved cleaning products and they are communicating the CDC's health and safety guidelines and best practices to all customers and pro.

I'm going to book a Handycleaning plan and can't wait for my pro to come and work their magic. I look forward to getting this ticked off my post lockdown to-do list.

Update: The folks at Handy are extending a Special offer to our readers. For a limited time follow this link to get a special offer on a cleaning plan!