Why Every Vegetarian Needs HelloFresh

Hey Vegetarians: Hands up if you're sick of black bean burgers! Yeah, me too. Every restaurant option is either mac'n'cheese or a sad veggie burger with no flavor. I love trying new foods, but eating out is always a pain when there are so few options.

Whipping up something at home takes time and planning, so while I consider myself a good cook and love going to the farmers' market to get seasonal veggies, lately I keep resorting to the same-old, same-old. I was thinking about trying a meal kit when my mom came to the rescue and sent me a link to HelloFresh, who just started offering Beyond Meat® burgers.

My mama's always worried about my protein, so she wanted me to try this - each Beyond Meat® burger has 20g of protein! HelloFresh has hundreds of 5-star reviews, but I had to check out their Veggie plan for myself. In addition to the plant-based burger, they had tons of other options, like Crispy Chickpea Tabbouleh Bowls with Creamy Feta Dressing and Sesame Peanut Noodles.

I've held off on ordering for a while because I was skeptical that the portion sizes would provide enough protein, that the veggies could be as fresh as the farmers' market's, and that I would even like the food. Then, I went to a dinner party where chicken was the main course, and the host thought I was fine to survive on salad. Vegetarians get hungry, too!!! I really needed some good vegetarian cooking, and I wanted to try that pea-protein burger, so I ordered a box from the Veggie plan.

Everything came neatly packaged and labeled in individual portions. The burgers looked like real meat, I almost panicked for a second they sent the wrong box! My recipe said it would take about 30 minutes. I laughed. However, after 30 minutes of searing, baking, and a little chopping, I was staring down a beautiful "burger" and fries with veggies of my own creation. It saved me a lot of time if you factor in the grocery trips, and a lot of money, compared to take-out.

It was definitely a great change from the vegetarian grain bowls I usually prepare for myself. I never have time to cook side dishes, so it was great to cook a full meal. I set up my plate and took a big ol' bite of Beyond Meat®. Listen to me - this was the best plant-based burger I'd ever had. Plenty of fake meat brands can mimic the flavor, but I'd never tasted anything that also mimics the texture of meat. That was such a good meal, and I ate the second portion for lunch the following day.

The next meal I made was a Guacamole Green Goddess bowl with sweet potatoes. It was so tasty that I told my mom. Even though she's a meat eater, I made her try the Beyond Meat® burger meal from HelloFresh, and now we're both obsessed.

Vegetarians, HelloFresh freed me from pasta prison. With delicious, filling meals, every vegetarian needs a meal kit delivery in their life⁠—especially if it includes the big ol' vegetarian Beyond Meat® burger

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get 6 free meals + free shipping!