We’ve Tried So Many Recipe Boxes, Here’s The One We Recommend

As people’s lives get busier, healthy eating is often put on the back burner. One solution they came up with was recipe boxes which have been on the rise for the last few years.

Both startups and big brands have been jumping into the mix with guarantees of ease, quality, and more nutritious eating habits. It’s got to a point these days where there are far too many to choose from.

The heat-and-eat meal box is often filled with overcooked, bland food. Whereas, many cook-and-eat boxes can be disappointing, with unreadable recipes, bruised produce or fatty meat.

We’ve tried so many recipe boxes recently, and one definitely stood above the rest. We’ll never return to wasting hours wandering the aisles of the supermarket. So, we stuck with the box that’s always been consistent and convenient - HelloFresh.

HelloFresh truly delivers on their promises. They have a whole range of recipes to choose from for example Veggie, Family Friendly, Rapid and Calorie Smart. You can also choose from a selection of Premium recipes like Herb Crusted Salmon Fillet with Cheesy Dauphinoise and Sugar Snap Peas as well as Sides, Lunch and Dessert options. You can also customise your plan for either 2, 3, or 4 people and whether you’d prefer 2, 3, 4, or 5 meals a week. Also, their subscription is completely flexible; you can pause, skip or opt-out at any time.

HelloFresh: UK's Leading Recipe Box
Fresh, Quality Ingredients
Meals Start At Just £3.25 Each

Try HelloFresh Today!

HelloFresh offers 37 recipes every week from a wide range of globally inspired cuisines. We recommend their Sticky Bulgogi Pork Noodles which only takes 20 mins to prepare. Honestly, the Chermoula Spiced Halloumi is restaurant quality. And we can’t forget the must-try Harissa Chicken Naans with Roasted Garlic Yoghurt and Radish & Lettuce Salad.

When it comes to convenience, HelloFresh is top of the list. They send fresh, pre-portioned ingredients in pre-packaged boxes, and even spices and garnishes. Their boxes arrive with detailed six-step recipe cards. So, instead of struggling to follow long, complicated recipes with too many ingredients, HelloFresh makes dinnertime a breeze. From selecting meals to prepping and plating dinner, the entire process couldn’t be easier. Dinner can be ready in just 20 minutes!

Another reason we recommend HelloFresh is affordability. Ordering takeout or grocery shopping can be expensive. But HelloFresh meals start from £3.25 per serving. And since their meals are pre-portioned, there’s no food waste - which is an enormous bonus!

If that wasn’t enough, HelloFresh is the first carbon-neutral, global recipe box company committed to offsetting 100% of direct carbon emissions. Plus, as part of their ongoing investment in packaging innovation, they recently changed their cool pouches and are transitioning from plastic to paper. So as well as keeping your ingredients fresh and chilled, the paper cool pouch is 100% recyclable.

HelloFresh teaches basic cooking skills - we’ve gained quite a few new cooking tricks over the past year or so.

It’s true, there are so many recipe boxes out there. But you don’t have to be overwhelmed. HelloFresh is the exception; their restaurant-quality, super quick meals are precisely what everyone needs right now.

Don’t give up on recipe boxes before you give HelloFresh a try!

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get a discount off your first 4 deliveries!