Are Food Boxes Worth It? An Honest Review.

Over the last year or so, dinner has become such a chore. I used to like to cook but recently I've been unmotivated to come up with new recipes, so my husband and I began to revert to the same boring meals every week on rotation.

I'd been hearing all about food boxes that deliver pre-portioned ingredients and recipes right to your doorstep. It seemed like everyone was trying them, in particular HelloFresh. I decided to give HelloFresh a try after a friend recommended it, and it has completely changed dinnertime for us.

My husband is a simple steak-and-potatoes guy and I like my salmon and veggies, so we needed something simple but versatile. We went with the Meat & Veggie plan, 3 recipes for 2 people each week. The meals start at just $5.00, and they also have a 4 person plan up to 5 nights a week, a Family Friendly plan, a Veggie plan and a Calorie Smart plan.

Before HelloFresh, recipes used to have me chopping vegetables for ages and spending more time cooking than I'd planned for, but HelloFresh allows me to cook my dinner stress-free, with very little prep and cleanup. Most meals take only about 30 minutes to cook!

Every HelloFresh meal comes in mini bags, perfectly packed with everything I need for the recipe. They fit neatly in my fridge, and it's ready to go when I'm ready to cook. It helps me break the cycle of getting take away when I'm feeling lazy.

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My favourite recipe of the week was Garlic & Herb Chicken with Roast Veggie Toss & Creamy Pesto Dressing. I followed the instructions and found the beef to be surprisingly tender. The recipe for the Creamy Pesto Dressing was a showstopper. It was heaven: just like you'd get in a plush Italian restaurant. The creamy mash really sealed the deal, and there was even spinach to add a healthy kick. Altogether it was a wonderful meal and even the cooking part was fun.

I tried HelloFresh with hopes it would save me time, but it's actually helped me get back into cooking. I don't have time to be a gourmet chef or the energy to come up with creative meals, but I want to eat healthily, and live a more balanced lifestyle, something HelloFresh helped me accomplish with ease.

Their recipes are easy to follow with clear steps on each recipe card, and the pre-portioned ingredients are super convenient and reduce food waste. The quality of the produce was just as fresh as my farmer's market and they have really good meats.

Their website offers a variety of plans and dietary options. They also allow you to turn on and off delivery each week or pause your account. Plus you can cancel at any time. I'd highly recommend trying HelloFresh, you won't regret it.

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