I Finally Tried HOMER For My Kids. Here's What Happened

(My Best Back To School Decision!)

I have two kids under the age of 10, and as summer is flying by, I'm dreading back to school time. They had such a disruptive learning experience going from in-person to remote last year, and I'm worried they're not ready for the year ahead.

My biggest mom-break has been catching up with friends on social media these days, and one ad keeps popping up: HOMER. I'm always on the lookout for the next thing to keep my kids busy - the more educational, the better.

When I started seeing HOMER ads everywhere, I wasn't sure my kids would be interested. HOMER Learn & Grow is an app that has different activities to help kids ages 2 to 8 with subjects like math and reading, and broader areas like critical thinking and problem-solving. With all the craziness this past year, I wanted to make sure my kids were going back prepared for both the academic and social side of school.

I'm confident my kids will eventually figure out how to get back in the swing of things, but I still want to support them as best I can - after all, they're just kids. I decided to try out HOMER for them since they're having a special deal: $45 for a year's subscription.

HOMER Learn & Grow
For Kids Ages 2 to 8
In-App Games + Stories

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It turns out HOMERwas the best decision I could've made for the kids. They love it! It's guilt-free screen time, so while they're having fun with in-app games and stories, I can get things done around the house. I'm amazed by how HOMER got my kids into math and reading when it used to be a chore to get them to sit down with a book. Plus, they're getting lessons that incorporate social and emotional learning and creativity.

While my kids are a few years apart, I can give them separate profiles on HOMER and know that they're getting the level of teaching they need to build confidence for when they go back to school this fall. I'm excited to see how much HOMER helps, especially since studies show a 74% increase in early reading scores with their research-based learning method.

We started with just 15 minutes of HOMER a day, but now the kids can't get enough! I've even been taking advantage of their offline printables and play ideas that we can take outside and enjoy in the sunny weather.

I'm so glad that HOMER's ad caught my eye, and now my family is gearing up for back-to-school with the best support possible. Check it out - trust me, it's a parent must-have.