From Skeptic To Subscriber - Here Are My Thoughts On Hubble

Ever wake up in the morning only to realize you're out of contacts? It's zero fun. Sure, you could run to the optometrist for more, but with -4 vision this early in the morning, you're just trying not to fall down the stairs or step on the cat. Also, if you're a contact convert, your glasses prescription is probably super outdated, not to mention the frames.

When I had to explain to my boss why I was late, she told me she never runs out because she has Hubble, a modern contact's company that delivers shipments of daily contacts every month right to your door.

Wondering how to explain to my boss that she doesn't pay me enough to afford dailies, she mentioned how they're only $36 a month, which is way cheaper than I thought.

I'd always wanted to try dailies - they're better for your eyes because there's no risk of overwearing. They'd also be convenient for on-to-go since I like to travel but don't like paying to check a bag just to get my contact solution through security. When my monthlies were reaching their expiration date, I noticed that I wasn't able to keep them in as long. Right after work, I'd have to switch to my glasses, just when I wanted to wear contacts most - making sexy eyes at the bartender.

Also, never having to buy contact solution again sounded amazing.

Even better, my first 15 pairs of lenses with Hubble would be free with just $1 for shipping and handling. For that price, I had to give them a shot.

The box is nice looking, and after popping them in, I was surprised at how much I preferred the thinner dailies to my thicker monthlies. It was love at first sight! 😂

Since I opened that first free box, I've been hooked. No more running out of contacts, no more tripping down the stairs, or showing up late to work. Hubble has made keeping track of my contacts so much easier without breaking the bank!

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