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I Tried Honeylove’s CrossOver Bra. Here’s What Happened

When's the last time you bought a new bra?

Personally, it's been so long I'm embarrassed to even admit how old my bras are (the overstretched bands probably give it away).

I always dread bra shopping, but the time has come and I don't even know where to start. I don't have a lingerie brand I swear by, so I went to my friends to find some options. They listed off the usual in-store big names, which I've tried but never found quite the perfect fit.

However, my friend Lexi suggested Honeylove - more like professed her love for it. She swore that this brand was the go-to for bras, so I decided to check out their site. At first, I was confused since Honeylove seemed to focus on many shapewear items and that's not what I was in the market for.

Lexi explained that Honeylove is actually sculptwear, and they help women feel confident in the most comfortable way possible. She also told me to turn my attention to the CrossOver Bra, their best-seller that's just been restocked.

It had been ages since I went shopping for bras, so I was especially hesitant to shop online. How could I gauge size, comfort, and quality online? Lexi said that she lives in this bra 24/7 and she has pretty high standards, so I figured it couldn't hurt to give Honeylove a shot - plus they have free shipping and fully refunded returns within 30 days.

I went for the CrossOver Bra in their classic Runway color - simple black and mesh fabric. When it came time to choose a size, I was nervous since they have a wide range from XS to 3X, but their sizing tool is super clear.

Instead of having me break out my old measuring tape, Honeylove asked for my current bra size (36C), if I ever wore a larger size (no), and other fit details about my current bras. It only took a few seconds to go through and in the end, Honeylove recommended size L.

Once my bra arrived, I tore open the packaging and tried it on immediately. I felt so much more relaxed trying on a bra at home since I can pair it with different tops and I'm not confined to the tiny dressing room space with terrible lighting. Best of all, when I realized how much I loved the CrossOver Bra - I was free to literally jump with joy!!!

I had never worn a bra that did everything right. Honeylove knows that the way to a woman's heart is no underwire for maximum comfort, but without sacrificing sexy design. Plus, the straps can be crossed in the back so you can wear it with a ton of shirt styles (racerback included!), taking it to a whole new level.

Honeylove's design not only looks great on its own but it actually flatters my body. No more dreaded back bulge, armpit fat, or uni-boob problems with the CrossOver Bra.

I can see why Lexi wears this all day, every day since the straps are adjustable and don't dig in. On top of that, Honeylove surpassed expectations by creating a comfortable bra that also provides lift, perfect for a night-in and even a night-out.

For $69, this bra is an actual must-have for every woman. This level of quality and support with a stylish design would normally cost $100+ especially as your cup size goes up. I'm even planning on stocking up on the other 3 colors of the CrossOver before they sell out (again).

I can't believe I almost skipped Honeylove and headed to the mall for a bra that would be nowhere near as amazing as the CrossOver Bra. I highly recommend your next bra come from Honeylove - they're way more than just sculptwear.

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