I moved to San Diego for college over a decade ago and ended up staying here when I got my first job. Life by the beach is definitely fun and it can feel like you're always on vacation, but I have noticed the trends are pretty much the same throughout the year. I grew up on the east coast, where there were always people showing off their unique personal styles, but in sunny San Diego, the uniform seems to be yoga pants or board shorts. Since moving, I've been missing that sense of change in nearly every aspect of my life. I love to follow bloggers on Instagram for new trends and I'm always excited to find cute little ways to "treat myself," but it's not easy to do in my sleepy beach town. When I was visiting family back home, my sister introduced me to her favorite subscription - FabFitFun.

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box designed with the changing seasons in mind. The boxes are filled with full-sized products from premium top brands relating to fashion, fitness, and beauty and are always valued at $200+. I signed up for my first box towards the end of summer and the seasonal box was already all sold out, so I received their signature Editor's Box. Apparently, according to my sister, they sell out almost as soon as the box is available, because they're that popular.

My first box was so fun to unpack. It felt like a gift to myself as I opened it up and looked through all the fun treats. With FabFitFun, it's almost like I'm being let in on a beauty insider secret. The Editor's Box consisted of a lot of useful and fun things from an eyeshadow palette with shades of matte and shimmery browns, a beachy Michael Stars ruana I could wear as a scarf or drape over my shoulders as a shawl, and an adorable blue coin purse with a cheeky message, "Haute Mess." My favorite wins were the bkr glass water bottle and dr. brandt PoreDermabrasion face scrub. I was surprised to see that they actually send full-size products, not just little samples that run out in three days. There wasn't one thing in my box I couldn't use.

I've kept my membership and look forward to new boxes every season. In my Fall box, I received this Organic Carbon + Coconut teeth whitening powder that I'm now obsessed with. I've heard about the whitening benefits of carbon in toothpaste but had never tried it for myself, and was thrilled to learn that it actually worked for me. In my Winter box, I got plush socks and a ceramic mug for cozying up in the winter. I love how each box goes well with the time of year, and has cute, useful things I never would have found on my own.

FabFitFun has become the easiest way to add a little fun to my life and I look forward to my new box every season. My sister and I are always comparing what we got in our box, since there are slight variations between them. My only complaint is that I wish they'd send them more often because I can never wait for my next box to arrive!

Update: The folks at FabFitFun are extending a special offer to our readers! New Members, follow this link to get $10 off the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Spring Box now.

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