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The App That Keeps Me Focused For Every Run

In a perfect world, I'd have time every day for a long, leisurely run. Usually, my work week gets in the way and I'm left with just enough time for a rushed jog around the block. Or, I do actually make it to the gym but find myself waiting 30 minutes for an elliptical or treadmill. I know I'm not alone in my desire for more free time, so I recently started seeking out alternative ways to stay dedicated to my fitness regimen. Above all, I needed something cost-efficient and reliable for a busy work schedule.

I came across Aaptiv, the on-demand audio fitness app that provides you with personal training anytime, anywhere. The subscription offers training at every level and with a variety of classes and activities, all with your customized goals in mind. Unlike other fitness apps, Aaptiv places importance on audio — so you can be on-the-go while still having the motivation through your headphones.

Aaptiv also offers over 2,500 different personal trainer guided workouts, which includes cycling, strength training, meditation, and much more. I was most interested in the running options, such as treadmill work, outdoor programs, and race training. I easily factored the program's running options into my work week by selecting the exact amount of time I had to workout. Plus, I was able to see how difficult each run was and learn more about the trainers before selecting each workout. My runs felt less rushed, more effective, and overall more enjoyable than before. And if you're super picky like me, you can read more about your trainer, their style, and their certifications before heading out on a run.

Best of all, the app has improved the quality of my workouts through their unique audio motivation. I was able to pick genres of the songs I wanted, which helped amp me up or chill out when cooling down from a run. I felt more motivated to run further and faster with the help of the trainer's tips. They even include some motivational (but not cheesy) sayings such as "Remember why you're here!" and "We're in this together."

Before using the app, I was mostly just focused on getting a workout in period. Now, I've decided to train for a 10K and don't feel stressed or overwhelmed by the process. Aaptiv helped me focus on the quality of each run, rather than just simply checking off a box in my exercise log. Every day, no matter what I have going on, I'm excited to pop my headphones in and head outside to log more miles than ever before. Aaptiv has changed my outlook on exercise, and I've achieved fitness milestones I never thought possible.

Update 01/15/19: Do better in 2019. Try Aaptiv. Unsure?Follow this link to sign up online and get the first week of Aaptiv free!

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