How I Rediscovered My Passion For The Arts With TodayTix

I was an avid fan of theater years ago before I got married and had kids, but somewhere along the way, I lost touch with my passion for the arts. Since my kids have gotten older, I've been searching for things we can do together so the entire family can have fun, both kids and adults. We live in New York's backyard, so luckily for us, it's easy to get to the city and see a show. A friend recommended TodayTix - a very easy to use service to find the best tickets available to nearly any show. With three kids and a busy schedule, I don't have time to search online to try and find the best deals. TodayTix makes this process easy and affordable, and now I'm the one recommending it to all my friends.

TodayTix is like a one-stop shop for culture in ten cities across North America with tickets to opera, musicals, plays, dance, and even comedy. They offer last minute discounts, as well as full price tickets if you're looking for something same-day or even more than a month in advance. What sets them apart is that they have the cheapest tickets available for each show date, and they guarantee the best seats in your price range.

My daughter has been wanting to see the musical Wicked for years, so I surprised her with tickets for her birthday. When I searched for seats on the TodayTix app, the calendar showed the lowest price available. Rather than spending hours comparing the ticket prices across different sites, I just had to check the app. Once we bought our tickets, all we had to do was arrive to the theater on time - there's no printing tickets or waiting in line. The best part was there were no ticket fees on this specific showing (and I've been to some shows in the past where the fee is nearly the same price as the ticket!). The whole family was excited for their first musical on Broadway.

When we got to the theater the night of the show, we immediately spotted the TodayTix concierge waiting for us. He gave us our tickets, and it truly felt like we were receiving VIP service - it was great to walk past the long line at the box office. After our first experience with TodayTix, we were hooked. Last week, my husband texted me saying we should grab dinner and see a show after work, just the two of us, so we tried our hand at the lottery. TodayTix offers a lottery for same-day tickets to some of the more popular and expensive shows at a fraction of the price. This was a fun way for us to feel spontaneous and do something without the kids. We ended up winning two tickets and had a much-needed night to ourselves.

Since using TodayTix, our family has gone to a ton of shows and it's been a great way for us to do something different together. My daughter has even showed an interest in acting and wants to take classes. We always look forward to a night at the theater, and with TodayTix it's affordable for the whole family.

Check out TodayTix right away to get the best tickets for your favorite shows near you!

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