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How Lively Transformed My Every Day (And Top Drawer)

When your day starts at 7 am and ends at 9 pm, you don't have time for an uncomfortable bra. Enter my life...wake up at 7 am, go to the gym, get ready for the office, work my desk job from 9am-6pm, then head off to an evening obligation (dinner with friends, work event, happy hour, etc.). So I needed a comfortable bra to get me through the day without having to adjust the hooks, move my boobs around or have difficulty breathing.

When complaining to my co-worker, she told me about this new brand LIVELY. They make bras and undies that blend the best elements of leisure and lingerie that support real women in their day to day lives (pun intended). LIVELY makes all sorts of bras that come in a wide range of sizes, from AA - DDD, and styles from bralette to push-up to sports bras that all have one thing in common: high style meets ultimate comfort.

I figured I'd give it a shot since my coworker loves all the styles she's gotten, plus I could always return it if I didn't like it. I picked two bras in a 34B: one lacy strapless in a nude color called Toasted Almond and a Palm Lace Bralette in Jet Black that had a soft lining and looked like it would be supportive. Both styles were only $35, so I ended up spending less than I normally would on one bra at the mall, plus a pair of panties.

The morning my goodies arrived, I tried them on right away in front of the mirror. I was genuinely surprised that I didn't have to pull the usual maneuvers to get them to fit: tucking, pulling, lifting. The bralette especially made me feel sexy, because it had an elegant lacy pattern, but it was supported by an athletic-inspired elastic base instead of a harsh wire. But it was time for the real test — would it stay comfortable all day? I pulled on my usual workday attire: a graphic t-shirt, pencil skirt, and blazer. The bra looked totally seamless under the shirt, like absolutely-no-bumps seamless. Throughout the day, I honestly forgot about it entirely — I didn't have to adjust it or deal with uncomfortable pinching midday. I had a late meeting, then joined coworkers for a few drinks when I finally got off of work, and when I got home I was so tired from the long day I very nearly fell asleep with the bra on! It was so comfortable that I just didn't think about it.

LIVELY has a ton of styles to choose from, plus underwear, sports bras, and super cute swimsuits. Now, they're my go-to for all things lingerie, and I'm willing to admit I've developed something of a bra obsession. After so many years of feeling like bras just got in the way, it's fun to find a brand that reliably provides the support I need. I can actually get excited about opening my top drawer every morning!

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