Here's How I went from Bra Shopping Hell to the Perfect Fit

I'll be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of bra-shopping. I'm still scarred from my middle school days of having to look through a million bedazzled, neon push up bras with my mom. The experience was always embarrassing, the awkward mega-padding that showed through my shirts, and the old-school wiring in the bras straight-up hurt. A few decades later, I still feel awkward when it comes to bras. I started wondering if it was just me, or if everyone was walking around with straps digging into their skin all day. When bralettes and t-shirt bras started becoming popular, I thought maybe I had found the answer to my underwear dilemma. But the generic brands still didn't fit right, not to mention I'd have to shell out more than I spend on groceries each month to even buy one. I didn't understand how something with relatively little fabric could cost more than a whole dress!

A few months ago, my friend and I were doing some online shopping and I noticed she bought some bralettes. My friend is a DDD, and I know she has trouble finding options that fit well, so I was really curious. That's how I found out about LIVELY. LIVELY's bras and undies blend the best elements of high-style and comfort. From athleisure and lingerie, they've created sophisticated pieces called Leisurée, meant to support real women in their day to day lives. My friend said she had tried a strapless bra of theirs before, and it was the only time she's ever felt like a brand understood what kind of support she needed.

I figured since their website had models that actually looked like me and my friends, LIVELY might be doing something right. I decided to give them a shot, since I could always return something if I didn't like it. I picked two bras in a 36DD: one lacy strapless in a nude color called Toasted Almond, and a Navy Blue ribbed bralette that had a sporty feel and looked like it might actually be supportive. Both styles were only $35, so I ended up spending less than I normally would on one bra, plus a pair of panties.

The morning my goodies arrived, I tried them on right away. I was genuinely surprised that I didn't have to pull the usual maneuvers to get them to fit: tucking, pushing, poking at under arm flab spilling over the sides. The strapless style especially made me feel sexy, because it had an elegant lace pattern, but it used an athletic-inspired elastic band instead of a harsh wire.

But it was time for the real test, could I wear a LIVELY bra all day? I went for the bralette with my usual workday attire: a buttoned down shirt, pencil skirt, and blazer. The bra looked totally seamless under the shirt, like absolutely-no-bumps seamless. Throughout the day, I honestly forgot about it entirely — I didn't have to adjust it, or deal with uncomfortable pinching midday. I had a late meeting, then joined coworkers for a few drinks after work, and when I got home I was so tired from the long day I almost fell asleep with my bra on! It was so comfortable, I just didn't even think about it.

LIVELY has a ton of styles to choose from, plus underwear, sports bras, and super cute swimsuits. Now, they're my go-to for all things lingerie, and I'm willing to admit I've developed something of a bra obsession. After so many years of feeling like bras just got in the way, it's really fun to find a brand that reliably provides the support I need, so I can actually get excited about enjoying new trends and fun colors. I wasn't familiar with the term before, but now, I'm a huge proponent of the Leisurée revolution!

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