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How You Can Cheat On Keto And Stay In Ketosis

I've been wanting to try keto since I heard about all its benefits, like weight loss, heart health, and increased brain function, but I knew it'd be way too difficult. Almost no carbs? That means no pasta, beer, soda, potatoes, rice, or donuts? You need to not just decrease, but completely eliminate these foods to stay in ketosis, the fat-burning stage. I love a good pasta, so I didn't think I'd ever be able to commit.

I asked my coworker, who's on keto and looking amazing, how he had the willpower to avoid all anti-keto foods, and he told me he doesn't! He cheats all the time. I asked how on earth he was able to stay in ketosis, and he told me his secret to surviving the restrictive diet: MyKeto. It's a powder of exogenous ketones that will kickstart you into ketosis if you fall off the wagon, or even if you just want a boost for focus and energy.

Having a backup in case I gave into carb cravings or accidentally drank regular soda instead of diet, made starting the keto diet actually plausible for me. MyKeto offers their Ketogenic BHB Salts in Chocolate Fudge, Orange Mango and Salted Caramel flavors that you use in smoothies, mixed with almond milk, or even cold water.

MyKeto's subscription option means that you never have to worry about running out, but I ordered a one time purchase of the Chocolate Fudge flavor to start!

I stocked up my refrigerator with grass-fed butter and meat while I waited for my ketones to arrive. I decided my very first ketogenic meal would be a glass of water mixed with my new chocolate-y ketones. The taste was great, but I felt even better about starting keto.

After three days of perfect ketosis, I felt great! I definitely had more energy. I finally slipped up when confronted with one of my many weaknesses: burritos. They ordered Mexican food at the office and a burrito with rice and beans (and probably added sugar in the salsa) sounded like the perfect meal. I dove in, a little nervous, but confident since I'd already had MyKeto that morning. As the day went on, I braced myself, waiting for the keto flu to hit; going from lots of carbohydrates to no carbs can take a toll on the body as it switches from burning glucose to burning fat. But thanks to MyKeto, I was able to get back into ketosis fast, without experiencing the flu-like symptoms so many people complain about!! My only regret is that I can't complain about it with my cohort of work buddies who are switching to keto.

After a couple more weeks, I started to see some seriously life-changing results. Without my 3pm work slump, I was way more productive, and I'm really proud of the progress I'm making on my body. I never would've been able to turn my life and diet around without MyKeto. For just $37 a month, it's there for me during the good times and especially the bad, so I don't have to live a donut-less existence.

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