How to Endure Long Flights

This is what you need to survive long flights

There is nothing I enjoy more than traveling. Going to new places, meeting new people, and appreciating new cultures is what I live for. That being said, long flights are horrendous. Long flights are my own version of petty hell. But, while these flights can never be rendered enjoyable - unless you can spring for first class - the pain of being a part of one can be diminished with these quick tips.

Wear comfortable clothing

The last time someone was expected to dress up for a flight was the 80s and we should leave it that way. The number one priority for you, when choosing your outfit for a flight, is comfort, comfort, comfort. That means thick socks, warm uggs, lazy leggings, an ugly sweatshirt, and a pillow if you want to nap. Everyone else can wear whatever they want; you'll be too asleep to worry about them anyway!

Drink tons of water

I know, it's a little strange to make this its own section but, trust me, it's incredibly important. Drink as much water as you can! There is nothing more miserable than being even slightly dehydrated on a plane. It's also the implications of drinking all that water that is important. You're going to need to pee; get an aisle seat! And, when you're up, moving, and on your way to the bathroom, do some stretches. Hell, I do a lunge or two sometimes; it helps keep the blood flowing smoothly. And you wondered why "drinking water" got its own section!

Have an airplane "survival pack"

There are things you're going to need on board this flight. Number one and two on my list are earplugs and eye mask. I don't want to hear anyone and I don't want to see anyone; those two items make that possible. I once had to endure a crying baby for an entire flight because I lost my earplugs but I did bring my eyemask, so no one saw my tears. You can also bring lotion, mouthwash or anything else that makes the trip more tolerable.

Bring Entertainment

Most people can agree that there is no greater cause of despair than boredom. Boredom is awful in all situations but especially so when you're in a metal tube hurtling through the atmosphere at hundreds of miles per hour. Your mind needs distraction and stimulation and it's your responsibility to provide those things. These days, most long term flights provide television and movies onboard the flight but, if you're like me and get headaches at the very thought of squinting at a small monitor for hours on end, a good book normally passes the time well. Music is crucial too. You should have a flight playlist pre-downloaded, always.

Follow the steps above and your flight across the world won't be the absolute worst experience ever. It'll be bad of course, nothing could stop that, but it'll be manageable. Just keep reminding yourself of what an incredible time you'll have in wherever you are journeying to. Good luck!


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