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How to feed your family for under $12: EveryPlate vs. Supermarket.

We’ve all seen the rising cost of groceries, but recently, it’s reached a new high. Families everywhere are struggling, settling for dinners based on what’s on sale rather than what’s nutritious or tasty.

On top of overpaying for groceries, the supermarkets have stepped up their sneaky marketing tactics, like 2 for 1 deals that trick you into spending more than you need! Feeding the supermarket’s profits? No thanks. There had to be another solution! And there was.

Our food and beverage editors came across EveryPlate - Australia’s most affordable meal kit, delivering everything you need for dinner, and nothing you don’t, right to your doorstep.

EveryPlate has great quality produce at a great price while catering to different tastes and needs. But can they actually help you control your budget? We compared EveryPlate dinners to supermarket prices to find out if you can feed a family of four for under $12 with EveryPlate

EveryPlate Overview:

EveryPlate has earned a reputation as Australia’s best-value meal kit. Their sign-up process is super simple; and all their ingredients are fresh, pre-portioned, and delivered straight to your door. So you only pay for what you need! You can choose from 27 recipes weekly, including all your favourite cuisines.

They offer 4 different plans: Classic, Family, Flexitarian, and Vegetarian. You can further customize it by choosing from 2, 4, or 6 people and whether you would like 3 - 6 meals a week. We recommend picking the Family plan for 4, with 6 meals a week at just $2.69 per serving with their discount — which will cost you less than $12!

EveryPlate has recipes that families enjoy — adults and kids alike. Their meals are designed with nutritious ingredients and come with easy four-step recipe cards. We really enjoyed their BBQ Pork Jacket Potatoes with Slaw & Yoghurt, which was on the table in 30 minutes! The Glazed Chicken Burger with Fries & Mayo was simply perfect; the chicken was juicy, and the mixed salad greens gave us our daily veg dose. And the kids absolutely loved the Creamy Bacon Penne with Pear Salad. EveryPlate’s recipes are picky eater approved!

Their plans are incredibly flexible; you can skip, opt-out, or pause anytime..

Supermarket Overview:

Nothing can beat the supermarket regarding the variety of ingredients, but with the rising cost of grocery prices, a whole Lilydale chicken now costs $15.57* — way more expensive than an entire EveryPlate dinner for your whole family. And don’t get us started on those “Special Buys” or “2 for 1 sales” that just make us buy more than we wanted to, derailing our budget and ultimately leading to food (and money) wasted.

And it’s not just groceries that have become costly, even the amount we pay in petrol to get to the supermarket is rising rapidly. Not to mention the time it takes to shop for all the ingredients yourself. Plus the fact you often have to go back multiple times a week for things you’ve forgotten!

The Ultimate Comparison:

We used the same recipe for the ultimate test: the Glazed Chicken Burger with Fries & Mayo. With EveryPlate, each plate starts at just $2.19, which means you can get four meals for just $8.76 —something we didn’t think was still possible! .

With Coles, the chicken breast itself costs $8.40**; the burger buns are around $3.80, and the salad leaves $3.00. Potatoes are $0.69, and tomatoes are $0.55 each. And jars of mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce are $3.50 and $2.10, respectively. This came to approximately $23.28, depending on the number of potatoes and tomatoes - almost 3 times the cost of EveryPlate

Final Thoughts:

Here is the proof! With EveryPlate you can feed a family of 4 for just $12! They have great portion sizes and the recipes are delicious, with all the ingredients you need delivered to your door. And the best part? You can eat satisfied knowing you’re not paying for overpriced groceries and feeding the supermarkets profits!

We’re not saying supermarkets are unnecessary. But the most affordable way to cook and feed your family during this cost-of-living crisis is with EveryPlate!

So take your budget back into your own hands and stop deciding on dinners just based on what’s on sale. Sign up for EveryPlate today and get up to $180 Off Across 5 Boxes