How to Get Your Running Form in Shape With Lumo Run

Any runner will tell you that injuries are the worst. For someone who loves to move all the time, being stuck in bed and immobile for weeks at a time was not a fun experience. Running injuries come from overexertion or improper form, and many runners are not using optimal form, making them more prone to injuries. That's what happened to me when I got my stress fracture. Recovering from that injury, I was determined to run better in the future. But unless you're a pro with access to a state of the art Running Lab, you're kind of on your own when it comes to maintaining healthy form. That's why when I heard about Lumo Run I knew I had to give it a try.

Lumo Run is a wearable fitness device that gives you real-time coaching and feedback on your form while you run. The audio coaching focuses on your individual form and helps you build critical muscle memory so that over time your body will grow accustomed to the new movements. Lumo Run is different from other fitness trackers because of its unique data-driven personalization. In tandem with the Lumo Run app, tracking your running progress is made simple.

By measuring metrics such as cadence, bounce, braking and pelvic rotation, Lumo Run uses a sensor to gauge the degree at which your body moves and focuses on target areas customized to your individual running style. The app provides an exercise plan with various strength-building exercises and shows stats like the number of steps taken per minute or rotation of your pelvis as you move, to name a few. Tracking these metrics helps you improve your form and can help with training if your focus is running faster and better. Lumo Run is even backed by Rebecca Shultz, Ph.D., an experienced health coach who has 8 years of research experience in running form.

I found it immensely helpful to integrate coaching into my morning run. For me, focusing on pelvic drop and pelvic rotation was the most valuable. Rotation measures the side-to-side movement of your pelvis and drop measures the up and down movements. I realized that I wasn't moving quite right for my body and I learned new movements to subtly adjust my form.

The personalized exercises were geared towards strengthening my legs to prevent injuring my ankles or knees as well as proper rotation of my hip flexors.

Using Lumo Run consistently for a short period of time, I was surprised by the vast improvements to my form and felt better equipped with tools to prevent re-injury. No one wants an injury to slow them down, which is why Lumo Run is an excellent tool that can help any runner improve their form and improve their life. Lumo Run is $99.99 and comes with the sensor, clip and fitness app.

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