Airplane Hacks to Make Flying Comfortable Without Paying Extra

These great airplane hacks will make your next flight a breeze.

Nobody likes flying. After all, airplanes are notoriously loud, cramped, and just generally uncomfortable, especially if you're not willing to pay out the wazoo for the tiniest bit of extra leg room. But your next flight doesn't have to be miserable if you try out one (or all) of these easy airplane hacks.

1. Bring a pillow

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Carrying a pillow onto an airplane might get you some funny looks, but it'll make your time in the sky so much more relaxing. Using a pillow on a red-eye can actually help you catch a wink of sleep, but pillows are useful for daytime flights, too. Try positioning you pillow behind your lower back for added support, or even beneath your elbows as a comfortable alternative to the hard, flimsy tray table.

2. Don't sleep before your flight

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One of the best ways to beat bumpy flights is to sleep your way through them. Sleeping on a plane is kind of like teleporting. You enter the plane in one place, close your eyes, and then boom, you've reached your destination. Obviously, it's hard to fall asleep on a flight, so on top of bringing a pillow, try staying up as long as you can beforehand. If you're lucky, you'll be so tired that you'll conk out practically the moment your butt hits the seat.

3. Make a playlist

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Listening to music has proven benefits for out psychological well-being. Naturally, listening to songs we like makes us feel happier and more comfortable when we otherwise might, so before your next trip, try making a playlist of your favorite tunes to last the duration of the flight. Then when you're on the plane, just put your headphones in, lie back as far as the seat will allow you, and jam out. If you're headphones happen to be noise-canceling, even better!

4. Smoke some weed or try some CBD


Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more places, and CBD oil is legal practically everywhere. Both will do a great job mellowing you out pre-flight, but be sure to double-check the legality of cannabinoids in both your starting spot and destination before toking up.

5. Download a few episodes of something you want to watch

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Watching a good television show (or maybe just an old favorite) can be a great way to get your mind off of the fact that you're barreling through the air in a tiny tin can. Internet connections are costly on a lot of flights, so make sure you download a few episodes of TV while you're still at home. Then when you're flying, you can turn your tiny two-by-two foot space into your own personal living room.


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