How to prepare financially for international travel

Save effectively and be financially secure for your next international adventure with this tip

You've been dreaming of leaving the country for what feels like eons. Nothing against the good ol' US of A, but there comes a time when you just need a change of scenery, and that time is now! Now that you've finally made the jump, let's get prepared.

Fresh new backpack with the lockable zippers? Check. Passport and visas all squared away? Double check. Vaccinations and antibiotics? Got it covered. Maybe you've even purchased a water purifier to be extra prepared. What else can you possibly need to prepare for your international adventure?

Open Up An Additional Bank Account

Why? It's always a good idea to spread your travel funds over several bank accounts. That way if a card gets lost or stolen, or if one of your accounts is frozen, you still have access to some money wherever you are in the world. Different banks also have unique qualities which can benefit you abroad if used wisely.

I actually recommend opening 3 bank accounts before your next trip and I'll explain why:

Domestic bank checking account

A special travel checking account

A savings account

After you set up each account, simply link your two checking accounts to your one savings account and you're all set. At home you can use your normal checking account, abroad you can use your Charles Schwab account to save you from all those ATM fees, and in between your savings account will gather a little bit of interest to help you accomplish your travel goals faster.

So do some research today and be one step closer to your next adventure.


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