How TopResume Helped Me Take The Next Step In My Job Search

Does anyone honestly like writing resumes? The general consensus with everyone I've ever talked to is a definitive no. I've been working at the same company for a few years now, and it's been a great experience, but I'm ready for a change and to see how I can advance my role with a new company. The thing that has been holding me back is updating my resume. Being busy at my current job doesn't leave much time or desire to work on my resume which feels work-related and, let's be honest, it's boring. I found myself, a year later, still at the same company, and still procrastinating on my resume. I was talking to my best friend about this, and she suggested I try TopResume.

TopResume is an online resume writing service with a team of professional writers who work to improve your resume and increase your chances of finding a job. Their experts are well-versed in what companies are looking for when filtering through resumes and when hiring, with expertise spanning across industries and experience levels. This all sounded easy enough, but I was still a bit hesitant. I was skeptical about spending money on something that I felt I could do myself, but my friend insisted if I hadn't found the time to do it over this last year, when was I going to find the time to do it now? She was right, so I decided to try it out.

To get started with TopResume, I uploaded my resume for a free review. A couple days later, it was returned with comments about where it could be improved, and it was clear that it needed a good amount of work. I learned that companies use something called ATS, which is essentially a machine that scans your resume and determines whether it stands out enough to make it into human hands. Seeing that I needed to make a lot of changes and was up against a machine, I decided the small investment in this service could save me a ton of time and headache. There were 3 different services available: I chose the one that offered a professionally written resume for $149. The other options also included a professionally written cover letter, and a rewritten LinkedIn profile. I answered a few questions about my goals and job experience and was matched with a writer who has knowledge of my particular field. A few days later, I received my professionally-written resume and it sounded more polished than I could have managed on my own. Somehow, it summed up my job experience and highlighted my skills in a way that sounded competent and professional without sounding robotic - you could tell an actual person wrote it.

Getting my new resume made me feel more confident in myself and my abilities, and gave me the push I needed to move forward with my job search. I don't know how I ever would've found the time to sit down and work on it myself, and I know I wouldn't have been able to write such a strong one. Once I started using my new resume to apply for positions, the number of interviews I went on skyrocketed and I suddenly had my choice of job offers. I felt silly realizing I could've been applying to jobs a year earlier had I known about this service then. Within a month, I was able to secure a job that was exactly what I was looking for. Without question, I know I can always count on TopResume in the future.

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