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I Compared Two High-Performing Diapers: Coterie & Millie Moon

As a new mom, I know how overwhelming it is to find a diaper that’s best for your baby. Which is the safest option for sensitive skin? Which offers the strongest overnight protection?

There are sooo many questions that go into making this essential decision. Where do you even begin?

Since I’ve struggled with the challenge of choosing the right diaper – and come out victorious! – I boiled it down to two top premium diaper brands so you don’t have to – Millie Moon and Coterie.

Both offer safe diapers for babies, but which is the top performer? To find out how they compare and which brand I recommend, keep reading.

Both brands offer dermatologist-tested diapers…

But Coterie’s high-quality diapers absorb liquid faster, ensuring your baby’s skin stays comfy and dry. Ingenious quick-wicking tech, faster drying time, and a breathable top sheet protect your baby's tender skin. This keeps your little one extra comfy with fewer changes needed. Fewer changes mean fewer diapers which magically reduces laundry loads and those early morning wake-ups! They also have a yellow indicator that turns blue when full, so I know exactly when my baby needs a change.

Both diapers are feather soft and gentle…

But Coterie diapers offer a better fit. Babies live in their diapers day and night, so it’s truly important that they are comfortable and not cause chafing. Coterie is designed for a snug fit that helps prevent leaks, discomfort, and can help prevent diaper rash.

Since using Coterie, I rarely experience leakage or blowouts – which can be caused by the wrong diaper size or fit. Their diapers also have innovative (and cute) side cuffs that keep messes in while remaining breathable.

Both diapers are made out of clean materials…

But Coterie is completely transparent about its ingredients – something I truly appreciate. Their diapers are free of fragrance, lotion, latex, rubber, dyes, alcohol, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, chlorine bleaching, VOCs, and optical brighteners. They’re third-party tested (and never on animals) by independent labs – you can find a full safety report on their website.

Millie Moon, on the other hand, recently changed from Total Chlorine Free (like Coterie) to Elemental Chlorine Free, which is less clean.

Both diapers can be purchased online…

But Coterie offers a subscription plan with Auto-Renew, so you’ll never run out. By subscribing, you save 10% on every order and your diapering essentials will be sent right to your door on a flexible, recurring schedule. And I absolutely love that I can easily manage everything from product size to shipment dates via text message! And I just have to mention their wipes – wonderful for those days when we’re on-the-go. They’re made of supremely soft, biodegradable, 100% plant-based, plastic-free fibers.

Another amazing thing about Coterie is their commitment to serving communities nationwide. They’ve donated over 1 million diapers to Baby2Baby for families in need.

So, which diaper do I recommend?

While both diaper brands are safe options for your baby, I recommend Coterie. Although their diapers cost a bit more, this is a trustworthy brand that makes highly absorbent and supremely clean diapers that are as soft as cashmere.

If you want only the best for your little one, go with Coterie.Superior absorbency. Soft as cashmere. Use Code TENEXTRA For An Additional 10% Off Subscriptions For New Customers!