I Gave Lull A Chance and Here's What Happened...

After five years in the same tiny studio apartment I've lived in since first moving to the city, I finally outgrew my "bohemian" (read: the heat doesn't work) vibe and moved into a nicer, more spacious condo that really feels like home. Aside from being a better spot to have friends over, the space has allowed me to splurge on some things — a bigger TV, a fancier kitchen table, and a better quality mattress. The last one is most important because I've been sleeping on the same spring mattress for years. When I first moved out of my parents' house, we packed it up into a uHaul and lugged it up four flights of stairs to my apartment. Now, since I'm actually making enough money to support myself, I'm able to buy something more convenient and better quality overall.

All my friends are going with the new bed-in-a-box delivery trend, but I was skeptical about not being able to try out the mattress before buying. I come from the old school mentality of wanting to lay on a mattress in the store, roll around a little, and decide if it's right for me. But, I did some intense Internet research and came across Lull, a luxury mattress company that promises exceptional comfort, reasonable pricing, and the ultimate convenient delivery. Lull has a 100 night trial option, which means I wouldn't be stuck with a bad night's sleep. Plus, their mattresses are scientifically designed to be the ideal ratio of firm and soft for the perfect night's sleep, and the three-layer memory foam mattress comes in a box to your doorstep without any delivery charge or hassle. Once I found out they promise to pick it up from your home for free, and give you a full refund if you don't love it within 100 nights, I decided there was nothing to lose, and gave it a shot.

It was the first time I didn't have to rely on Mom and Dad or even hire movers to help maneuver a mattress up the narrow stairway of my apartment building. When my Lull arrived on my doorstep, I couldn't believe how simple the process was, from ordering online to on-time delivery, and how much easier it was than working with a department store. In no time, I unboxed my mattress, placed it in on my bed frame, and watched it expand to its full size in just a few minutes. It only took one night's sleep to feel the difference of the scientifically-designed layers. There's a comforting top layer that's soft and gives you that "squish" you long for when getting into bed. It's designed to relieve aches and keeps you the perfect temperature throughout the night. There's also a therapeutic mid-layer that correctly aligns your spine (my back really thanked me!), and a core base of support that limits motion throughout the entire mattress and provides support for your back.

It was this dedication to technology and science that really convinced me to try Lull, plus the hundreds of 5-star reviews. Countless people praise the mattress for curing their back pain and finally helping them to sleep soundly through the night. I often had a hard time falling and staying asleep because of how uneven and sunken in my old mattress was, but after a few nights on the Lull, I found myself getting a solid 8 hours a night.

I was also happily surprised at how affordable the mattress was compared to others. I expected to pay upwards of $1,000 for a bed, but Lull proved to be much more reasonable, especially with their monthly payment plan option. People are able to pay as low as $33 per month to expense the mattress! I've now been sleeping on a Lull for about a month and can't believe I ever doubted it. When I wake up in the morning, I feel more rested and energized instead of achy and tired. Plus, I feels better knowing I chose a mattress that guarantees comfort and convenience no matter the circumstances.

New Year's Flash Sale (01/01/2019): Lull is extending a special offer to our readers. Get $150 off any mattress, any size, for a limited time only.

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