True Story - I Only Use Hairstory Products For My Hair

I thought my hair was bound to be forever bland. Between the supermarket overwhelming me with far too many options and my Instagram promoting niche and expensive products, my poor shower shelves became a graveyard for half-filled bottles that didn’t work with my hair at all.

But, that was the old me. The new me has a powerhouse routine and silky, shiny hair to show for it. After years of searching and testing, I’ve finally settled into the perfect routine for my hair. Even better, it’s all from Hairstory!

hairstory products in bag

I’m all about Hairstory, and I have been for a while. With a wide range of products, including New Wash, Hair Balm, Hair Oil, Hair Wax, and so much more, Hairstory is the ultimate one-stop shop.

Here’s how I use Hairstory in every step of my hair routine:

1. New Wash ($44 → $42)

new wash

If I was stranded on a desert island, all I’d need is this. New Wash was the true catalyst when it came to getting my hair back on track.

Hairstory’s New Wash is a one-step hair cleanser made for all hair types that both cleans and conditions hair without stripping hair of its healthy, natural oils. And when I say one-step, I mean it.

My old routine was a vicious cycle of constant shampooing and conditioning which left my hair stripped and dry. I figured that ditching my conditioner would make my hair even dryer, but New Wash's texture is super creamy. So now my hair feels immediately amazing and soft post-shower.

Its formula is packed with essential oils and naturally-derived ingredients which is fantastic for you and the environment. I've joined their Refill Club, so I never run out and even cut back on plastic waste!

2. Hair Balm ($37)

hair balm

Another do-or-die product is the Hair Balm. It allows me to live out all my wildest air-drying dreams.

Once I’ve used New Wash in the shower, I drop a tiny amount of Hair Balm in my palms, run it through my hair, and then go about my day! My hair has a slight curl to it, so the balm is perfect for complimenting my natural texture. It gives me loose, soft curls without any crisp or crunchy textures.

I never thought I’d be able to go anywhere without my blow dryer, but Hair Balm set me free! I’m now obsessed with my natural hair. But I also get time back in my day because bye-bye blow drying. And bonus: I steer clear of heat damage.

3. Hair Oil ($40 → $35)

hair oil

For the times I want a little extra sleek and shine, Hair Oil is my savior.

If I’m running on day three without washing my hair, I love smoothing this on my ends. It makes my ends look ultra-soft and healthy. On the rare occasion my curls start to frizz, I’ll go ahead and apply this all over my hair.

The Hair Oil is beyond light and doesn’t leave me looking clumpy or greasy. Plus, it’s made with eight essential oils that work to moisturize hair and smell exquisite. My friends have remarked on the woodsy-floral scent!

4. Hair Wax ($29)

While I don’t lean on Hairstory’s Hair Wax as much as their other products, it’s an absolute must when I want to try new styles with my hair.

Whenever I go for a ponytail or slicked back bun I use Hair Wax. I warm a tiny bit up in my fingertips and then apply to any stray fly-aways or spots where I need more hold.

When I need to keep my hair tamed for a more lived-in, fuller-body look – I simply apply it to my roots and work in with my fingers.

5. Hair Powder ($37)

hair powder

Last, but certainly not least in my Hairstory roster, is the Hair Powder. This baby is my hair’s secret sauce.

The Hair Powder works as a dry shampoo, volumizer, texturizer, and is a styling lifesaver. I primarily use it as a dry shampoo when my hair’s a bit greasy. And as a bonus, it works overtime delivering some serious volume.

I hold it about 5-6 inches away from my hair and pump it in section by section. It’s not an aerosol which is fabulous, so I can be super-targeted where I need it. After applying, I give my hair a good zhouhj for that matte finish and I’m out the door!

Hairstory has redefined one-stop-shop. It’s literally all I use, and probably all I’ll ever use for my hair.

It covers every base – and strand – I could possibly need. The portable sizes are fantastic for popping in my bag on the way to the office or even a nice night out.

Whether I’m keeping it natural or testing out a new do, I have everything I need, thanks to Hairstory.

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