I Was Skeptical Of Fitness Apps Until I Tried Aaptiv

My boyfriend is a gym rat, but I hate the effort of leaving my apartment to workout. Rather than get a membership I know I'd never use, I wanted to see what other options were out there. For a while, I was enjoying at home, on demand workouts, but felt like it wasn't helping my screen addiction and my apartment was getting a tad claustrophobic. It was also getting a little boring and I wasn't seeing the results I was looking for.

I was out with an old friend who had just finished her first marathon, and she was raving about how much Aaptiv, an audio-guided workout app had helped her. She showed me the app on her phone, there were workout programs with tons of workouts, classes and training plans. I understand how audio motivation would be perfect for running, but I was skeptical how well I would be able to complete the workouts without the TV guiding me. I really like dance, aerobics, and yoga, but how would that work without someone showing me the form? Yet, I was determined to try a new workout that would get me out of the apartment and into the fresh air, so I figured I'd take my friend's advice and give Aaptiv a try.

When I got home, I downloaded the app on my phone and had fun browsing all of the different programs. The workouts have music playing in the background and there were even a bunch of different genres of music, like hip hop, top 40 pop and 90s throwbacks. My first workout with Aaptiv was a squat routine set to Cardi B songs. The catchy tempo kept me motivated to finish all my squats -- and, of course, Cardi is a booty aspiration for us all. The instructor was great, and I was surprised that she reminded me to keep my weight on my heels, align my pelvis, and continue breathing, so there were no risk of injury. The instructor was so descriptive that I found I didn't need the visual, if anything, not being distracted by the TV made me more mindful of my own form.

I did a workout that required lunges and I realized I was getting way too close to my coffee table. It was a gorgeous day and I'd been cooped up inside all day, so I took my workout with me outside! I still like my living room spot, but I like the freedom of working out anywhere, and I even opened up a meditation session when I was on the train.

My favorite trainer was Catie, who walked me through morning yoga poses. I was surprised to discover that hearing Catie's instructions about how good form should feel helped me discover what it feels like when I was really doing Warrior 2 right. In the past when I had used TV classes, I would watch someone get into pose and copy as best I could. I would assume I was doing it right, but I had no way of knowing. With Catie's help, not only did I have a peaceful routine to make me mindful in the mornings, but I discovered how to feel the difference in good and bad form.

My friend, who told me about Aaptiv, and I are running a half-marathon together later this year! We're using the same Aaptiv program she used to enhance and track our progress. I've always tried to work out on a regular basis, but I never really felt like I knew what I was doing - until I started using Aaptiv. The instructors are really knowledgeable, the music is fun, and they always have a new class for me to try so I never get bored. If you're looking for a one-on-one trainer experience, but don't want to pay gym prices, Aaptiv is the answer. See what YOU can accomplish by getting Aaptiv today.

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