How Ipsy Has Changed My Skincare Routine

Lately, I've been seeing new skincare trends everywhere. Skincare is something that I never really paid much attention to. I was lucky enough to have relatively clear skin growing up, but recently my pores are way more prominent and I'm getting breakouts more frequently.

I love makeup, and I wear it in some form most days. I use wipes to take it off, even though I heard the ingredients aren't good for my skin (plus they're terrible for the environment). So I decided it was time to start a better skincare regimen to improve my skin and prevent damage.

I tried to look up skincare brand reviews, but there were so many, I didn't know where to start, or what would work best for my skin type. I asked a friend who is into their skincare, and they suggested I look into IPSY.

IPSY is a personalized monthly beauty membership. For $12 a month, you get 5 deluxe samples to try along with an adorable seasonally themed makeup bag. I had heard about IPSY, but thought it was just for makeup. Turns out, they have tons of skincare brands, too - like 111Skin, Clinique, Murad, and GlamGlow. This sounded ideal since I can't go out and shop for products, so Ipsy would allow me to try a range without leaving my home!

I was always interested in IPSY because I like makeup, but now that I wanted to work on my skincare too, it seemed like the right time to sign up. So I went on their site and took their quiz, which asks your skin tone, eye, and hair color, what your shade preferences are in makeup, and what fragrance you prefer.

It also asked how often you would like to receive makeup or skincare, haircare, and nail products - I chose sometimes for the make up, nails, and hair stuff, but chose often for all the skincare products like cleaners, masks, serums, etc. Then at the end it allows you to choose from a list of skin problems. I chose oiliness and large pores, and acne and blemishes. The questions were perfect!

Once I had finished filling out my details, I was done signing up. When my first IPSY Glam Bag arrived, the first thing I noticed was how cute the bag was. It had such a pretty design, I would definitely be repurposing it. Then, I saw the products and noticed that they were larger than I expected for sample sizes.

I got a Huda Beauty liquid lipstick, Sugar Cosmetics eyeliner, a Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich, a Youth to the People superfood cleanser, and Grace & Stella blackhead removal peel-off mask. I loved the shade of the lipstick, it was a subtle nude and I hadn't tried Huda Beauty before. The eyeliner was amazing, it was waterproof which was great as my current eyeliner always wore off by the end of the day.

But of course, I was mostly excited about the skincare products! I started using the Youth to the People superfood cleanser and the Glossier moisturizer every day. Firstly I noticed that the moisturizer is the perfect base for makeup - makeup stays on much better when applying it over this moisturizer. I do the face mask about once a week.

I've been doing my new skincare routine for about 2 weeks now, and I've noticed a huge difference in my skin already. I've been getting less breakouts, plus my pores are much smaller and less noticeable.

I never would have known what products to use on my skin if it wasn't for IPSY. Thanks to their personalized service, I used every product I got and they were perfect for my skin type. Now that I'm an IPSY subscriber, I can buy the full-sized products at a discounted price. I'm definitely buying more of these skincare products once I run out.

Plus, I'm excited to see what comes in my next Glam Bag. It's such good value at just $12 a month with such high quality products. I'd recommend IPSY to anyone who wants to try out new beauty products, but doesn't know where to start.