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Another crushing day at work, I could eat a truck. As I wheeled my grocery cart along yet another aisle packed floor to ceiling with the foods I can't eat--

No-wait, am I hearing things? Or are the Oreos singing to me? Sugar, ahhh Honey-Honey. You are my Candy, Girl . . . . I snatch em from the shelves just to shuttem up.

Then. While standing in the longest line everrr, I cave. I tear open my bag of Oreo Mega Stuf and pop one in my mouth.

Sure, Keto's a challenge, but I never expected such torture. Am I forever DOOMED to fail at yet another die- . . . Ya see, even the word diet makes me break out in hives.

That's why I went Keto cause it's an eating plan designed to upgrade my lifestyle. Once home, I chomped my fourth Oreo and Googled *how to be successful at Keto*. Huh.

I hit upon Green Chef, America's #1 certified-organic meal kit delivery service. They have different plans that specifically designed to help you stick to a specialty diet, like gluten-free, Keto, or vegetarian.

I highly doubted it would work, but as I looked down at my half-eaten Oreo Mega Stuf bag, I thought I'd give it a shot. Here's how Green Chef helped me stay Keto Strong:

1. Why Keto's So Good For You

With Keto, the good news is - you get to eat 80% fat. Bad news - only 5-10% carbs. Despite such self-punishing carbo-denial, Keto helps me sleep soundly, wake up revitalized, and my cookie cravings have vanished (almost).

2. Why Green Chef's Keto Plan's Better For You

Amp up Keto's fat-burning benefits with Green Chef's well-balanced, delicious recipes. These meal kits contain a variety of fresh, organic ingredients that are all GMO-free, and all produce is sourced from local farms.

3. My Time Is Of The Essence

It takes precious time to research recipes, get to the store, shop, and - as you can tell - I don't do grocery lines very well. Green Chef delivers premium, perfectly portioned ingredients straight to your door. Quick-n-easy recipe cards have chef's tips and mouth-watering pictures that give you a step by step cooking guide. Create and plate in 30 minutes. Ready. Set. Dig in.

Green Chef
Keto-Friendly Meals Kits
Plus $80 Off And Free Shipping

4. Savor The Flavors

Green Chef's amazing team of expert chefs crafts vibrant Keto recipes you'll rarely find in restaurants. My absolute favorite is pan-seared Merguez Chicken with Brussels sprouts, mushrooms & tomatoes, topped with crunchy almonds. Now, I not only eat 4 dynamite Keto dinners a week, I remember to take the leftovers to work!

5. Ding-Dong - Dinner At Your Door

Sign up, hit the gym after work, Green Chef's got your back with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscriptions. Plus, you can skip a week whenever you want. But I don't, cause I'm terrified I'll fall off the Keto wagon.

6. No Crave - No Cave

KETO'S A GRIND - but it's my grind, and I got it down. With 6 - count em - 6 stunning new meals to choose from weekly, maintaining Keto's no longer a challenge. I hit my target weight last month - woo-woo!

7. Stay Keto Strong With Green Chef

As I continue on my Keto journey, I'm confident I won't fizzle out this time. Green Chef plays a huge part in my success with their colorful, flavor-rich recipes. To me, Keto's not a diet, not even a weight loss program - it's how I live my life.

Green Chef makes staying Keto easy. More time to indulge myself in other ways - like at the nail spa.

Update: Our friends at Green Chef are extending a limited time offer to our readers! Follow this link to get $80 off + FREE shipping!