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7 Reasons You Need To Try Green Chef If You're Keto

Another crushing day at work, I could eat a truck. As I wheeled my grocery cart along yet another aisle packed floor to ceiling with the foods I can't eat--

No-wait, am I hearing things? Or are the Oreos singing to me? Sugar, ahhh Honey-Honey. You are my Candy, Girl . . . . I snatch em from the shelves just to shuttem up.

Then. While standing in the longest line everrr, I cave. I tear open my bag of Oreo Mega Stuf and pop one in my mouth.

Sure, Keto's a challenge, but I never expected such torture. Am I forever DOOMED to fail at yet another die- . . . Ya see, even the word diet makes me break out in hives.

That's why I went Keto cause it's an eating plan designed to upgrade my lifestyle. Once home, I chomped my fourth Oreo and Googled *how to be successful at Keto*. Huh.

I hit upon Green Chef, America's #1 certified-organic meal kit delivery service. They have different plans that specifically designed to help you stick to a specialty diet, like gluten-free, Keto, or vegetarian.

I highly doubted it would work, but as I looked down at my half-eaten Oreo Mega Stuf bag, I thought I'd give it a shot. Here's how Green Chef helped me stay Keto Strong:

1. Why Keto's So Good For You

With Keto, the good news is - you get to eat 80% fat. Bad news - only 5-10% carbs. Despite such self-punishing carbo-denial, Keto helps me sleep soundly, wake up revitalized, and my cookie cravings have vanished (almost).

2. Why Green Chef's Keto Plan's Better For You

Amp up Keto's fat-burning benefits with Green Chef's well-balanced, delicious recipes. These meal kits contain a variety of fresh, organic ingredients that are all GMO-free, and all produce is sourced from local farms.

3. My Time Is Of The Essence

It takes precious time to research recipes, get to the store, shop, and - as you can tell - I don't do grocery lines very well. Green Chef delivers premium, perfectly portioned ingredients straight to your door. Quick-n-easy recipe cards have chef's tips and mouth-watering pictures that give you a step by step cooking guide. Create and plate in 30 minutes. Ready. Set. Dig in.

4. Savor The Flavors

Green Chef's amazing team of expert chefs crafts vibrant Keto recipes you'll rarely find in restaurants. My absolute favorite is pan-seared Merguez Chicken with Brussels sprouts, mushrooms & tomatoes, topped with crunchy almonds. Now, I not only eat 4 dynamite Keto dinners a week, I remember to take the leftovers to work!

5. Ding-Dong - Dinner At Your Door

Sign up, hit the gym after work, Green Chef's got your back with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscriptions. Plus, you can skip a week whenever you want. But I don't, cause I'm terrified I'll fall off the Keto wagon.

6. No Crave - No Cave

KETO'S A GRIND - but it's my grind, and I got it down. With 6 - count em - 6 stunning new meals to choose from weekly, maintaining Keto's no longer a challenge. I hit my target weight last month - woo-woo!

7. Stay Keto Strong With Green Chef

As I continue on my Keto journey, I'm confident I won't fizzle out this time. Green Chef plays a huge part in my success with their colorful, flavor-rich recipes. To me, Keto's not a diet, not even a weight loss program - it's how I live my life.

Green Chef makes staying Keto easy. More time to indulge myself in other ways - like at the nail spa.

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