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Here's How 1 Subscription Box Turned My Life Around

Last year, I moved to a new city to work for one of my dream companies in the music industry, and, honestly, it's very different than I thought it'd be. I'm an assistant, so it's long hours every day, and then long hours, after-hours, trying to make connections or be the last one out. I confessed to my mom I was feeling disconnected from myself and looking so, so tired, and she told me she had the perfect pick-me-up gift. A couple weeks later I saw this huge, beautifully designed box sitting in the mail room. Being the curious person that I am, I had to get a closer look. Turns out the package was addressed to me and it was a FabFitFun box. My mom must have seen these online because I've been seeing them everywhere too, and have been literally dying to sign up. When I finally opened the box I was shocked to find 8 products from big name brands, like GLAMGLOW, beautyblender, and Vince Camuto, plus ones I'd never heard of but found intriguing, like Grown Alchemist and FARMACY BEAUTY. I called my mom immediately and gushed over all the goodies and as it turned out - she had signed me up for a full year of boxes (thanks mom)! These treat-yourself indulgences really add a little extra pep in my step every day.

Wondering how? I've highlighted each and every way FabFitFun transforms my weekdays:

6:55am: Wake Up & Drink Coffee

"But first, coffee." It's the mantra on my Alfred French Press and the way I live my mornings. I don't even check my phone before I have a cup. After sipping that sweet, sweet cup o' joe, my beauty routine begins. Sometimes I'll wake up with puffy eyes and the BLAQ Eye Masks from my box have been such a staple to my AM beauty routine. All I do is pop on a pair if I'm lookin' like a trainwreck and completely depuffs the bags under my eyes

7:30am: Get Ready

I've shaved a couple minutes off my routine with my new beautyblender, courtesy of FabFitFun. It lets me seamlessly blend my foundation and concealer in record time, and gives the appearance of super smooth skin. I used to be one of those beautyblender skeptics and refuse to shell out $20 for a sponge, but I have been proven wrong - SO WORTH IT.

1:00pm: Lunch

I take my black Vince Camuto Vegan Leather Tote Bag with me to work and it perfectly fits everything from my laptop to lunch and snacks. I always get so many compliments when I take this bag to the park for lunch. Because curiosity got the best of me again, I googled the bag during one of my lunch breaks and found out that it was actually worth over $120 - how crazy is that!?

6:00pm: Refresh

Right before I leave work, I give my hair a toss and add a spritz of my Oribe Gold Dust Dry Shampoo to de-grease it and give it extra oomph before heading to happy hour. Works like a charm for going from day to night!

9:30ish: Light a candle

Whenever I get home, I like to light a candle to make my space feel welcoming. In my summer box, I got the Anderson Lilley Sunset Collection Candle in "Super Bloom." It comes in a gorgeous copper container and smells like rain and florals, and it's a such a nice way to relax and wind down.

10:30ish: Shower

I shower with my Spongellé body wash and buffer in "papaya yuzu." It smells amazing, like a tropical island, and I finish with the Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask once a week, to moisturize my hair. It feels so indulgent and has revolutionized my hair game. I'm still wowed I got the full size of this: it retails on their website for $50!

11:30ish: Facemask & Bedtime.

I try to start relaxing half an hour before I go to bed, and I've been doing that with a new nighttime skincare regimen. The Whish Nourishing Dew Mask perfectly hydrates my skin that has recently become dry from that harsh city air. I use a thin layer and have so much fun taking selfies while it's working its magic.

Treating myself to these little luxuries all day is starting to make me feel like the celebrities I'm trying to connect with in the music biz. I may not be exactly where I want to be right now, but turning the humdrum moments of my day into decadent rituals has helped me really slow down time and appreciate where I am. If you want to enhance the little moments of your day, become a FabFitFun member to get full-size must-haves that are worth nearly quadruple what you're paying. It's not only an investment in yourself, but a really, really fun one.

UPDATE: FabFitFun + Journiest is offering a *secret* offer to our readers. New Members, Follow This Link To Snag A Box Before It's Sold Out!

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