How LIVELY Helped Me Gift My Girlfriend Something She'll Actually Use


The best gift I've gotten her in years

I think any guy would agree- the most challenging part of being in a relationship is coming up with gift ideas to get your girl. I've enlisted the help of just about every other female in my life when it comes to birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries over the last few years, and for the most part, I think I've done a pretty good job of navigating the difficult world of gifts for the ladies.

I've been with Julie for almost 2 years, and she always says she loves the jewelry I've gotten her. But she only wears the pendant I got her for her birthday last year on super special occasions, and I can't even remember the last time she wore the diamond studs I got her for Valentine's Day.

So this Christmas, I wanted to get her something that I know she would use on a regular basis, but that was still special….but I'm completely stumped.

I texted her best friend Katie in a panic, and she told me that Julie has been wanting to buy new underwear for a while. Ok, I love my girlfriend, but I have literally no clue where to start when it comes to underwear and bras. Like, I'm a dude.

So I asked Katie for some recommendations, and she suggested LIVELY. A quick google search led me to their site, and the stuff looked pretty good. Still, no idea where to even start, so luckily Katie sent me some items that she knew Jules would like. Next hurdle- what size to buy?! I called Katie who told me to check the tag of one of her bras next time I was at her place. That sounds obvious but I never would have thought of it myself!

The LIVELY bra's Katie sent were really pretty, and she assured me that they're also practical. So once I knew the size, 34C, I was ready to start picking some out. All of the LIVELY bras are a great price point, they start at $35, so I wanted to get her a few matching sets. Katie said the Long Lined Lace Bralette was super comfortable and still cute, so I started with that in a nice beige color called Toasted Almond. I'm totally hopeless, but even I know that that kind of color will work under most clothes!

They do sizing a little differently, but luckily the LIVELY site has an easy to understand sizing chart that made figuring it out a breeze. I got the medium and matching lace bottoms.

Apparently "every girl needs a good strapless" whatever that means, so next up was the Lace Strapless in black. Katie said she swears by it, and that its the most supportive strapless she's ever worn, which was a little more info than I needed, but she assured me Jules would love it. Lastly, she told me to get something fun and colorful, so I went for the Unlined Lace Bra in Sage. The site described it as " 100% style, 100% comfort, and 100% function" so I figured it'd be a winner.

And just like that, I was done! The LIVELY site made the intimidating world of women's lingerie so much easier, and I was super relieved to have gotten her something that I hoped she was gonna love. We exchanged gifts the week before Christmas because both of us would be out of town at our folk's place on an actual day.

I made her favorite espresso martinis and we sat down to unwrap out presents. I have to admit, I was a little nervous, but her face lit up when she opened her new LIVELY underwear. She absolutely loved all of them and was a little suspicious of how I'd done such a great job by myself. I confessed how Katie had helped me, and she laughed but thought it was so sweet that I'd made such an effort to get her something she really needed and would actually use.

She got me an espresso machine, which I have been wanting forever. Turns out, she enlisted the help of my best friend because she too wanted to get me something that would improve my daily life. I guess us guys aren't much easier to buy for!

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