How I Found The Perfect Bra For Every Holiday Occasion At Lively

This holiday season is shaping up to be my best one ever. ALL my friends will be home for the holidays, and we are going OUT.

Before going out, the four of us always decide on 'sloppy or cute,' and for this occasion, we've gone with option #3: 'gorgeous, dahling.'

I got a red dress that has a plunging neckline with a racerback and this incredible black strapless jumpsuit I'm dying to wear, but I've also been super nervous because they both require new bras.

I'm a C cup, so I can't ever risk going braless, but I felt like finding something comfortable and supportive to wear under these tricky necklines would be next to impossible.

After hitting up the department store near me and the lingerie store with nothing to show for my troubles, I sent an SOS text to the group chat for help.

My best friend Lindsey told me about LIVELY, a bra, and undies lifestyle brand that's available online. She was raving about how comfortable the bras were, how good they made her feel, and how they came in such pretty styles and colors. She also said she barely feels like she's wearing a bra - which after 10+ years of pulling and tugging, is definitely something I can get behind.

The idea of skipping yet another fitting room sounded pretty great, but I really didn't think that I could buy lingerie online. I'm pretty particular—I'm a 36C, and I need something that's really supportive without extra padding, but that also doesn't dig into my back.

I forgot Lindsey's a 34DD - she said that after she tried one of their T-shirt bras, she fell in love with the fit and feel and ordered the no-wire strapless, and even a bralette. Most bustier women have a really hard time finding a bralette that works for them, so I had to check it out.

After taking a look at LIVELY's website, I was immediately impressed by all of the different body types and sizes of their models. Finding that perfect mix of support and comfort (in a pretty design!) is something that I had given up on a looooong time ago, but LIVELY seemed like the perfect fit (LOL no pun intended).

Usually, lingerie websites use over-edited photos of size zero models, and I have no idea how the bras will fit someone who looks like me.

As much as I loved LIVELY's depictions of real women, I still wasn't fully convinced that I would be able to buy a bra online. How would I know it would fit well? What if the material was cheap and irritating?

Lindsey reassured me that the line of "Leisurée" had become her go-to. I ordered The T-Shirt Bra in Toasted Almond, which had a plunging neckline, to wear with my red dress and The Lace Strapless in Jet Black. They were only $35 each, better value than the bras I tried on in the store, so I figured it was worth taking the risk.

When my order arrived the next week, I was surprised by how high quality the fabric was. The material was soft, and the colors and designs were so pretty. So the LIVELY bras had passed the first test, but how would they fit?

The Verdict: Supportive, but not restrictive! I didn't have to mess around with the straps or constantly pull myself into the cups. The bras molded to my body and were supportive without slipping even when I moved around a lot. Did I mention one of these is strapless?! Plus, their online sizing was true to form - 36C was the one for me.

When we met at the bar, we spent forever showing off our outfits, doing catwalks in our dresses. I wore my jumpsuit first, and with the support of my Lace Strapless, I felt invincible.

We missed each other so much; we ended up leaving the bar early so we could talk properly and drink wine on my couch in our pajamas. When everyone left, I realized I forgot to take off my bra - that is a first.

Since then, I've ordered The T-Shirt bra in 2 more colors, with matching underwear and The Busty Stripe Mesh Bralette in Emerald!

These bras are super comfortable and give me a great, natural shape. I never thought I'd be able to buy lingerie online, but LIVELY is all I wear now. For the first time, I don't feel like I have to sacrifice style for comfort; I feel like my most confident self!

UPDATE: Follow this link to get 10% off your first LIVELY order today