How to Livestream New York's Zoos and Aquariums

The animals don't know that it's quarantine time.

The animals don't know that it's quarantine time. They're still living their best lives–arguably better than ever with fewer tourists around to gawk at them. Just look at Wellington the penguin at Shedd Aquarium. The 32-year-old penguin is enjoying the chance to explore the whole empty aquarium, while it stays closed for the sake of social distancing.

But while you're home, don't think you've lost the chance to watch and learn all about animals, both aquatic and land-dwelling. In New York alone, there are zoos and aquariums providing online shows and streaming exhibits while we stay safely distanced from each other.

Are the animals happy living in blissful ignorance of the coronavirus? Behind each adorable face is there a strong sense of self to ground their existence during times of turmoil? We have to assume so. You can show them love by donating and/or viewing the following animal dwellings.

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