5 Reasons Why I Am In Love With PHLUR

The industry leader in clean fragrances, PHLUR, just released its 10th fragrance, and it's everything a gal could ask for.

I spritz the sample on my wrist, close my eyes, and am transported to the lively streets of Havana. Passion is in the air, joyous laughter reverberates against the cool cobblestone streets, and the energy is contagious. That's the magic behind PHLUR's scents -- each fragrance ignites a unique sensation. This new fragrance, Añoranza, is my new go-to for all evening occasions. The exotic, lush, white floral scent makes me feel beautiful with a hint of mystery.

I wasn't comfortable buying a whole bottle of something I'd never smelled, so luckily, PHLUR offers an amazing sampler of 3 perfumes for just $18. Try each on, wear them around, then pick your favorite (honestly, this is how every fragrance brand should do it). When you find your signature scent, you can put that $18 toward your full-sized bottle! So basically, the samples are free.

So why PHLUR? Here's the run-down:

5. No B.S.

The perfumes use no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or potential skin irritants -- no bull****. They're also hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainably sourced, and packaged with recycled materials (aka way ahead of all the over-priced, designer name competitors).

4. The bottle is gorgeous

Rather than focusing on creating a flashy, preservative-filled bottle that won't match your decor in a year (lookin' at you, Vera Wang Princess), all of their scents come in beautiful, square white bottles that are minimal, clean, and timeless.

3. They put more thought and care into scent design than any other brand

With mood boards and Spotify playlists, each scent is crafted over a 9-month process. Not sure which scent will be for you? Check the music - they have a Spotify playlist for every scent to capture the overall vibe. Every scent has a place and an intense description of scent notes, so you can def narrow it down. Listening to Añoranza's key song, Cuba L.A.'s Cuba Linda, I want to put on my bright red lipstick and salsa dance the night away.

2. They let you try 3 fragrances at home in the $18 sample set.

I first tried Améline, Siano, and Hanami, and they all smelled incredible, and like no other perfume I'd ever experienced. It took a couple of weeks to figure out my favorite. With the first spritz, I thought I liked Siano best, but wearing them all day, I felt the most me while wearing Améline. With Améline, I feel chic and sophisticated with a dash of whimsy - perfect for the daytime.

1. They're always coming out with new scents

And their latest, Añoranza, is my absolute favorite. With Añoranza, I feel elegant and sultry. Why should we settle for smelling like a mall when we have a beautifully crafted and sustainably-sourced alternative like PHLUR? With PHLUR's sample set, you'll absolutely find a fragrance that's perfect for you.

Start Sampling: Our friends at PHLUR are extending a special offer for our readers. Follow this link to pick your three scents for only $18 (+ shipping is free)!