All Hail the Holy Donut

The Best Handmade Donuts in Portland Maine

One of the best kept secrets is that Portland is the ultimate foodie city. Those who have already discovered this hidden gem know what I'm talking about. This culinary city's food scene has exploded and downtown is packed full of amazing restaurants with chefs looking for a new experimental scene. Featuring the freshest seafood, interesting and creative gastropubs, hidden speakeasies, and great breweries Portland will have something for everyone. One of the highlights has to be Portland's very own Holy Donut.

The idea came from the creator's cravings for a deeply satisfying comfort food, donuts, that could somehow be healthy. You can't get that from any of the chain mass producing donuts today. So Holy Donut is built around making donuts with fresh ingredients, made from scratch by hand, and is dedicated to making the most creative and delicious donuts. What sets them apart? Maine Potatoes. No really! The secret to their decadent smooth texture isn't really a secret at all. They'll tell you themselves that they use mashed potatoes to make a rich yet melt in your mouth experience. This means that they have more of a cakey texture than other typical donuts but with more of a fresh crust and a firm sponge-like interior. Loyal to their Maine upbringing they use all the best locally sourced ingredients.

The only thing better than their texture? The incredible creative flavors. They change the donuts available daily so you will really notice how fresh they are. I bought my donuts in the late afternoon and they were still warm from being made. Here's a rundown of some of their most beloved flavors. A chocolate sea salt that is so rich it will knock your socks off. Lemon so brisk and refreshing that I challenge anyone who isn't into lemon desserts to try and dislike it. Seasonal berry glazes. Fragrant and fresh Chai. Maple…. Bacon… donut. If I sound biased for those specific donuts it's because they're my absolute favorites. Always made to perfection their donuts are creative and well executed.

Vegans have no fear! They offer some vegan and gluten free options so they cater to anyone's dietary restrictions. These donuts have regular staples but also feature a different daily donut so you'll always be able to keep it fresh. They also offer a sweet potato version and stuffed donuts for anyone who wants to give them a try! You could get the sweet stuffed cannoli or try the bacon cheddar filled donut for a savory treat. If you're in Maine for blueberry season then lucky you! Blueberry and strawberry seasonal specials are a testament to their dedication to sourcing the freshest local ingredients.

Where can you find them? They have several locations in Portland, Maine. The first store opened on 194 Park Avenue and their second location opened up 7 Exchange Street. These are open at different times so keep an eye on the location and the clock! A third location can be found on 398 Route 1 Scarborough just in case you're driving on by. The shops will close up when they've run out of donuts so get them early if you want to have your pick of the selection and enjoy them at their freshest.

Eat up and enjoy!


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