Why Every Parent Needs To Try Chefs Plate This Back To School Season

  • Moms spend an average of 68 minutes per day on meal preparation*
  • Meal Kits have been helping parents in this regard, especially during back-to-school months
  • Chefs Plate is delivered pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards right to your doorstep.
  • The first 10 meals are free -- follow this link to find out more.

The summer is almost like a reset, but the rush is beginning now that it's back-to-school season.

It's time to get the kids organized in terms of clothes, after-school activities, and obviously meal planning which takes about 68 minutes a day. Cooking meals every night can be daunting and time-consuming, but the benefits of having a home-cooked dinner are immense - you know exactly what ingredients are used and which ones aren't.

Meal kits have become the solution for all busy parents; they are quick, convenient, delicious and a money and time saver. Chefs Plate is the most popular meal kit in Canada and our editors wanted to see how Chefs Plate could help busy parents get into a back-to-school routine.

Read their review below:

I have never really been one to try meal kits, but as my week is becoming busier and the kids are in secondary school, I had to try something different to get the family into a routine. I found Chefs Plate - a meal kit that delivers all the ingredients right to my doorstep. It still involved cooking (so I could say my kids got a home-cooked dinner) but with a much easier process.

The website looked amazing and I decided to take the leap and give it a try. They have several different meal options; Family Friendly, Meat & Vegetables and Vegetarian. You can choose the number of people - 2 or 4 - and how often you want your meals delivered to your door. I picked the Family Friendly plan for 4 people, 4 nights a week. Their meals cost $8.99 a plate, but they currently have an offer that gives you your first 10 meals free! So much cheaper than the grocery store bill at the end of the week.

Once I picked my meals for the week, I just had to wait until they were delivered.

Everything came individually packed with an easy-to-follow recipe card that will still help me learn the basic cooking skills. All their meals come with unique and rare spices that make Chefs Plate meals incredibly delicious. So, I don't need to buy multiple seasonings and different sauces that are pushed to the back of the shelves all year long.

All their ingredients come in recycled packages with ice packs so they stay fresh until you put them into the fridge. Plus, a home-cooked meal is always 10 times healthier than takeout or delivery pizza!

Chefs Plate's meals change every week with a range of different recipes that allow you to explore all over the world so that each day can be a new adventure like Cubano Pork Burgers with cheese and charred peppers or Italian-Herb Chicken with pesto orzo and veggies. We started with something we were all familiar with - Mozzarella Pizza with grape tomatoes and Parmesan, which took 30 minutes to cook and was incredibly delicious.

The rest of the week was no different; we tried so many different cuisines and food that would have taken me hours to prepare. The thing I love about Chefs Plate is that I can skip, cancel or pause my subscription anytime. Chefs Plate always helps me increase my cooking skills.

Their offer of the first 10 meals free really showed me the use of a meal kit. I spend way less time in the grocery store rooting through aisles thinking of what I need to buy for the week and more time actually enjoying time with the kids. It has helped us get into a routine, as they always have a home-cooked meal when they return home from football practice (unlike earlier, when it used to be hours before dinner was ready).

Chefs Plate has made dinner time so much easier - no more going to the grocery store or spending hours finding new recipes that the kids would enjoy. Now I have more time for the kids, myself and a delicious meal. Chefs Plate is a lifesaver, and it is the perfect solution for getting the kids back into an after-school routine.

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*Source: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/09/24/among-u-s-couples-women-do-more-cooking-and-grocery-shopping-than-men/