I Tried Green Chef And Sun Basket: There Was A Clear Winner


Trying to eat healthy in today's world is exhausting.

There are so many different eating plans, from keto to vegan to gluten and dairy-free, and they all come with their own guidelines and rules.

Plus, I'm not good at sticking to a restrictive diet. I wanted to make the best choice for my body and my life, but choosing a program and then wholeheartedly committing seemed like way too much work.

I also can't run out during a busy day at the office to find paleo meals or keto snacks, so everything would have to be prepared at home.

I was tired of eating junk food out of convenience - it made me feel so sluggish and made the weight pile on. I really wanted to make a change to a healthier lifestyle, particularly when it came to my eating habits, but I didn't want to have to learn, plan, and prep everything on my own. I knew that there were meal delivery companies out there, so I started my search and boiled down my options to either Sun Basket or Green Chef. I tried both (on different weeks, of course!), but ultimately I'm sticking with Green Chef and I'll tell you why.

Both companies deliver a variety of organic or sustainably-sourced ingredients, which I love, and they both offer meal plans that combine a healthy mixture of all food groups. There's also no excess waste with meal kits; they only give you what you need, and buying those larger packages of produce and herbs at the grocery store usually means something going bad eventually.

I was able to quickly assess which plans I wanted to try by their descriptions on both Sun Basket and Green Chef's websites. So I decided that the Balanced Living and Chef's Choice plans seemed like the best fit.

Sun Basket - Chef's Choice

Whoever the Sun Basket Chef is has really good taste! Each kit comes with beautiful, fresh ingredients and the meals were quite tasty. Bottom line though, I found them to be the types of dishes you'd see at an upscale American restaurant. Steak frites, pork chops with mustard, that type of stuff. Everything was quality and enjoyable, but I was hoping for a little more variety in the style of the meals.

The Chef's Choice recipes were delicious, but each serving has between 550 and 800 calories, which can be a little high for a meal. The instructions were easy to follow, I enjoyed having different proteins each night, and it was overall a solid experience.

Green Chef - Balanced Living

Green Chef Balanced Living gave me exactly what I was looking for in terms of variety. Like Sun Basket, they delivered really fresh, delicious ingredients from USDA certified farms. One of the things I liked about Green Chef Balanced Living was the inspiration taken from many different cuisines. There were Mediterranean, Asian, Italian, and American meals all packed into one box! All the different flavor combinations kept each meal exciting. I also like that they give some vegetarian meals as an option. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do enjoy a veggie meal every now and then. Also, some of the Green Chef meals had as little as 450 calories, which is much lower than some of the Sunbasket recipes. It helped me to limit my calorie intake without being on a restrictive diet. The variety of different style meals and lower calorie count put Green Chef Balanced Living at the top of my list!

I canceled my Sun Basket subscription, which was not the easiest process in the world, but now that I'm with Green Chef for good, I'm really living my best life! I have healthy food at my fingertips and I can switch to a different plan with just the click of the mouse. The Balanced Living Plan gives me the variety I want, but takes the stress out of trying to choose between lots of different diets. Green Chef also comes out to a few dollars less per month than Sunbasket, which is just one more reason I'm happy with my decision. No more junk food for this girl!

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