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Meet Eight Sleep's Pod Pro Cooling Mattress

The Pod is the most advanced sleep system ever designed.

It's the only mattress that can dynamically adjust its temperature, throughout the night, to meet your body's needs. It can heat and cool each side of the bed to as low as 55 degrees or as hot as 100 degrees. The Pod brings together special learnings, after analyzing over 75M hours of sleep data, and found 80% of Americans suffer from temperature related issues during sleep.

So, Eight Sleep designed The Pod to create the perfect environment for a restful recovery.

In just 30 days, Eight Sleep customers fall asleep 32% faster and have less sleep interruptions, resulting in an overall better night's sleep. We know you've never slept on anything like it because we certainly didn't until we gave it a try.

The Pod Pro
Dual-Zone Temperature Control
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For us, like most, falling asleep in the coldest months is tricky but especially during the warmer months, trying to keep your body cool throughout the night can wreak havoc on sleep quality. The heat makes most of us toss and turn, sometimes sleeping with no blanket or having to leave the air conditioner on all night.

Although we too love having the AC to cool us, when we're trying to nod off, it is not the best for us. It often leaves one with a stuffy nose and certainly uses too much energy. As we continued to look for different temperature solutions because a good night's sleep is essential, the video from Eight Sleep piqued our interest: especially when we discovered you can adjust the temperature of the mattress on 2 sides. This makes the Pod Pro ideal for couples, as everyone has their preferred temperature.

Once we learned this innovative mattress will keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter, we wanted to learn about its other features. We found it will also help you gain a better understanding of the quality of your sleep as the Pod Pro connects to your phone to measure and record data about your sleeping patterns.

After answering a few questions and selecting their "smart temperature mode" the mattress will then use your natural rhythms to find the perfect temperature. It dynamically adjusts its temperature throughout the night according to your needs, giving you the most comfortable sleep night after night.

The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep also has features like their GentleRise technology which changes the temperature and outputs low vibrations, allowing you to wake up more naturally. It even monitors your health, giving you reports like Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time.

The Pod Pro has so much going for it to change the way you sleep, but it remains their temp-regulated environment that we're most excited about this summer. Sleeping with the AC might keep us cool, but unlike other mattresses which get hotter during the night, the Pod Pro keeps us just right and gives us "the most restful recovery" possible.

It will even help you save on energy bills by using water to regulate your temperature and allowing you to use your in-home heating or cooling units less.

Since we've tried this mattress, we know there is no turning back now and couldn't recommend it more to those wanting the very best mattress technology on the market.

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